Personalised Year T-Shirt – It’s not just about when you were born…

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personalised year tee

What the heck happened in 1974?

The Personalised Year T-Shirt has been making me think. The obvious thing is to get the t-shirt with the year of your birth on it, but you could also celebrate some other interesting occacions…

I love the level of personalisation that appears on this tee. You can choose the font, the colour of the writing, the colour of the shirt and even the orientation of the text. An excellent way to appeal to someone like me who actually has the time and inclination to favour some typefaces over others. But would I get the year that I was born on this tee? 1983 is an awesome number, but I think there are a few other options here. Here are my top five choices (in reverse chronological order):

1. 1996 – The N64 and Super Mario 64 were released. What’s not to love about ’96!?

2. 1986 – Metallica release Master of Puppets and Slayer release Reign In Blood. ’86 rocked.

3. 1977 – Punk and Star Wars happened. Feel the Force and Pretty Vacant. Nice.

4. 1815 – Battle of Waterloo. Popular with both History Nerds and Abba fans.

5. 1583 – A man named Orlando Gibbons was born. …Gibbons. …I like monkeys!

Anyway, you can get your own personalised year tee from Primitive State at There are five sizes from S to XXL, loads of colour combos and it’s just £18.50, or $31.15. Now you too can celebrate Orlando Gibbons’ birth as I will. Ook.


Go Ape Shirts – Another Type of Funny

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funny t-shirts

Inspired design + wicked funny = great t-shirts

When I first stumbled across Go Ape Shirts, I instantly fell in love with their brilliant t-shirts, the subversive humour and the design quality. I hope you do too. And if you don’t, well then you just suck.

When I first saw one of the t-shirts above (the one with Michelangelo from the Turtles being”got” by Shredder) I nearly died laughing. I thought it was a work of genius (ok, that word gets bandied around a lot but needless to say I was very impressed). I found out it came from Go Ape Shirts and from then on, I was in love with their designs. In the post above, I’ve picked some of the funny ones, but there’s a lot on the site that’s just centred around great design and that’s what makes them such a great store to know about. They’ve had their store open since 2011 and its creator Josh Perkins is based in Phoenix, AZ.

My four favourites that I picked above are (clockwise from top left):

When The Kids Are In Standby Mode (Designed by stronglikebull)

The Zombie Of Oz (Designed by Dean Fraser)

Shredder Got To Michelangelo (Design by Cameron McEwan)

Elliot’s New Friend (Designed by Kevin Ross)

They’re all available in various sizes and in the colours shown for the fantastic price of $21.99. And what’s more, they’re new and still pretty much under the radar so get in there before they start showing everywhere – t-shirts this good looking won’t stay hidden for long. Also, as mentioned often before, I like monkeys. It’s called “Go Ape”. Nice.

Skull. Heart. Rainbow. T-Shirt. – What else do you need?

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skull heart t-shirt

What's not to love?

I’ll come clean. This skull heart t-shirt has no deep meaning to me. I just it think it looks awesome. And when you see what else its designer, JazzyDesignz has to offer, you’ll agree that it’s just the tip of a very cool iceberg.

I get to look at a lot of very cool t-shirts while I’m doing this blog, and I only write about the stuff that I love. When I saw this bad boy, I just had to blog about it. The first thing that I thought about it was that it’s striking. The green tee, with the assorted images aligned as they are make for a shirt you’re not going to miss. The rainbow, like a bowed Hawaiian flag, the originally designed skull (which is a rarely seen thing in a time when every one seems to be using either a variant of the Punisher skull or a Day of the Dead skull) and the classic heart all just work really well together. Then I discovered the rest of JazzyDesignz’ collection and found an entire range of simple designs done to great effect, all of them eye-catching. I heartily suggest you check out the whole collection.

You can grab one of these for yourself by clicking through to There are eight colours available (though I love this deep green) and for the price of $27.90, you can choose from 3XL or 4XL so it’s only really for the larger gent. And you can check out the facebook page too!

Glennz Tees. Yes. All of them. So Awesome.

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Glennz Tees selection

Easily the funniest t-shirts ever made. Brilliant.

I couldn’t pick just one of them! I couldn’t! Every t-shirt that I desperately want is on this site, and I want every t-shirt on this site. is a tee-lover’s heaven.

Normally when I look at a single tee, I take some time to talk about some random weird stuff before I tell you how much it costs and what colours it comes in, etc. But how can I do that with Glennz? Glenn Jones, the man behind these designs is nothing short of awesome and he never fails to get me laughing. Now, I could philosophise about how his quirky Antipodal humour (He’s from New Zealand – hence the NZ at the end of GLENNZ), coupled with a fondness for US Pop-Culture are responsible for my amusement, however I feel it’s easier to say that funny is funny and this guy knows funny. He lives in Funny House on Funny Street in Funny Town. The guy owns Funny.

I had to review something from Glennz but how the hell do you pick just a single Tee!? So I picked four of my favourites (clockwise from top left): Office Chat, Robo-T, Chameleon and Fluke. By tomorrow I’ll have more favourites. All of those tees come in at $21.95, come in various sizes and only in the colour shown (like you’d want to change it!), but, for a bargain, be sure to check out “The Save Wave” at the top of the store page where discounts are updated daily.

And check out the whole range of wonderful t-shirts. You won’t regret it. They’re just awesome.

Dead Parrot T-Shirt – ‘Ello, Miss?

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monty python t-shirt

This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be!

Looking at this Dead Parrot T-Shirt, all I want to do is recite the script to the truly brilliant piece of television comedy, but I won’t. Well, I’ll try very hard not to. …Maybe the odd line.

This tee is brought to you be the good folks at Layer Eight, a company growing some renown for their range of classic BBC comedy-inspired and personalised t-shirts. But of all of their t-shirts, this Norwegian Blue on grey number is my favourite. I am a nerd. Many of the t-shirts on this blog point to that very fact. And when it comes to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I’m as avid a fan as the next geek. And of all their sketches, I’m continually drawn back to watching the immortal Dead Parrot sketch(sic). And this is a remarkable t-shirt, with the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage!

If you’d like to witness nerds screaming “ELLO POLLY!!!” at your chest, grab your own Monty Python T-Shirt from Available in five sizes from Small to 2XL and is only available in grey. You’ll be stunned (STUNNED?!?) by the great price of just £25 or $41 too. Just remember: He’s not pinin’! He’s passed on!

Zoidberg T-Shirt – Craw?

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zoidberg tee

What? Do I smell or something? *sniffs* Awwww...

I love Futurama and this Zoidberg T-Shirt depicts one of my favourite characters. The loveable-yet-loathable, broke, disgusting and tragic Dr John Zoidberg deserves celebrating on a tee of this calibre. Hurrah!

Now, I could just reel off Zoidberg quote after Zoidberg quote – it’s very tempting – but I will try to talk about what is a very striking and wonderful t-shirt. Designed by Monochro (one of the best Sci-Fi/Comic Book t-shirt designers working today), it’s a deceptively simple design that just works brilliantly. And what better way to celebrate the most famous lobster in the 31st century? Yes, Planet Express could function easily enough without him but with his years of medical expertise and his ink bladder, he adds a certain… something to Dr Farnsworth’s organisation. And who can forget the immortal line “This “love” intrigues me. Teach me to fake it.”

Put a lobster on your chest by heading over to Monochro’s Spreadshirt Store where you’ll find it available in lots of colours (but come on – you only want it in red, right? Unless you really liked the blue Zoidberg from the one where the Professor invents a universe in a box). It’ll cost you £15.95 (very reasonable) and it comes in five sizes from S to XXL. Who’s the tough guy now, Vinny!?

Daleks T-Shirt – Exterminate! Exterminate!

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dr who tee

All I can hear is that screeching voice.

Dr Who’s greatest foes appear on this Daleks T-Shirt but it doesn’t look like they’re getting it all their own way. Not only do they have stairs to contend with, they’ve now got democracy to contend with too.

I’m just about getting back into Dr Who. I used to watch it as a kid on sunday mornings and I remember it scaring me senseless. Strange monsters, confusing stories and a man flying through time in a telephone box were all I needed to keep me happy and terrified. But scariest of all were the shuffling, swivelling, screeching Daleks. However, not once in all those episodes did I see the Daleks express any interest in hustings, primaries or knocking on doors to win votes. However, if they did, I would definitely vote “no” and I would sport this tee to encourage others to do so too.

You too can help spread the word about the Daleks’ dastardly plans to win the next election by heading over to and parting with just $19.99 (and they ship worldwide as well) for this Dr Who Tee. It comes in this ruddy red colour and in three sizes: M, L and XL (sorry small ones). Exterminate the Dalek menace today!

Cat ZAPP T-Shirt – Don’t call him a pussy.

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cool cat tee

Stroke me. Now. And bring tuna. Or else.

I love the Cat Zapp T-Shirt. Brought to you by Scarborough-based designer Chris King, this moggy looks awesome, and has even made onto TV’s Peep Show too. Also, I love cats, probably as much as I love monkeys.

To me, cats are wonderful, beautiful creatures, full of grace and personality. However, I also know that they are malevolent agents of Satan that view all humans as walking can openers. But that’s kind of why I love them. But I must admit that the prospect of arming cats with laser vision is terrifying. You wouldn’t dare tell them off for scratching the sofa if this laser cat tee was based on real life. The colours on this t-shirt work really well together – the burst of yellow against the black, white and grey – and both the cat and mouse look great too. So if your a fan of cats and/or lasers, this is the top for you.

This kitty-cat will set you back £24.99 and can be bought from where you’ll see it in charcoal. There are five sizes too so even the biggest cats in the jungle will be able fit one. Let us all hope that cats never work out how to manufacture weaponised optics or may God have mercy on us all…

3D Monkey T-Shirt – Ook.

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3D Ape T-Shirt

Did they make a 3D version of Planet of the Apes?

I love monkeys and this 3D Monkey T-Shirt is a work of art, genius and lots more. In fact, this blog, before its conception, was going to be called Big Scary Monkey, until I realised that that title had nothing to do with t-shirts.

Designed by German Jazz-playing artist Quentin 1984, this is one of my favourite monkey-inspired tees. Ok, so technically, a chimpanzee isn’t a monkey. It’s an ape, but “monkey” is a much better word. And this t-shirt is far beyond many other monkey t-shirts. First of all, the graphic design qualities are awesome – a modern comic-book illustrator style lends so much to the look of this. And the anthropomorphic nature makes it a real tour-de-force. The suit, the cigarette, the headphones and, of course, the 3D glasses just make it look awesome. It also makes me want to search for pet monkeys and see if I can get my own real life one and dress him up in a suit. I might get bitten…

Grab your own at for the swinging price of £27.47. You can have it in loads of colours (loads – though I think it looks best in this light blue) and there are six sizes so whether you’re a marmoset or an orang-utan, you’ll find one to fit. I bet he’s listening to jungle… *more groans*

Peace of Toast T-Shirt – I don’t get it, but I like it…

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peace toaster t-shirt

Peace of Toast? Is that it?

Ok, so what I’m calling the Peace of Toast T-shirt is actually called Pop Up and it comes from Japan. Having seen this, I’m desperately trying to find out if I can ship it to the UK. Or if my bank account works in Yen.

I have a few places I like to go to check out t-shirts on the net and I found this in one of them. When I find a tee from a site that’s not in English and I can’t tell if you can ship it to the US or UK, I usually leave it, but this one I had to write about. I love it. It’s just nuts, but in a very simplistic line-drawing kind of way. I’m guessing that it means Peace of Toast but I have no idea if that’s right or not. It could just be a random image that inadvertently invites the pun. Not being able to read Japanese, I can’t tell. When it comes to creating kooky, fantastic things, no country does it as well as Japan and this tee deserves shouting about. Perfect for hippies and fans of toast.

You can grab your own (possibly) from where it will cost you ¥2100 (I think) and it comes in many colours and sizes. Many. If only ordering it was a peace of cake. *groans*

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