Commodore 64 Tee – Memories…

April 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

commodore t-shirt

You guys who had Ataris wish you had C64s.

The Commodore 64 T-shirt is one of my favourites. When I was writing that last post about Reece Ward’s Tetris Tee, it got me thinking about my retro gamer past. I’ve always loved computer games and so any t-shirt that helps me celebrate them is always going to be a aces in my book.

Ok, so didn’t do anything really clever. There’s no amazing design work going on with this t-shirt, but there is a logo and it’s a logo that holds a special place in my heart. When I was a really little kid, my uncle gave me his old C64 and loads of games. It was a massive keyboard, a joystick and a tape deck for cassettes. Cassettes! Most kids these days don’t even know what a cassette is! Now I have an iPad app that holds the whole thing and all the games but that’s besides the point.

You can pick this badboy piece of retro gaming gear from 8Ball for the price of £14.99 and it’s available in three colours – grey, blue and white. Game on.

p.s. Bruce Lee was my favourite game on the C64 – just so you know.


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