Tetris T-Shirt – the first of many

April 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tetris T-Shirt by Reece Ward

I wish I could find my old Gameboy. *sigh*

Reece Ward’s exceptional Tetris T-Shirt.

When you start one of these blogs, you should always begin as you mean to go on. T-shirt designers don’t get much better than Reece Ward. The man is skilled. From his Star Wars t-shirts (which put most others to shame – check out his Super Trooper design here) to his subversions of cultural icons (Jimi Hendrix playing Guitar Hero for example), the man’s imagination is as impressive as his execution.

If you haven’t done so already, head over and check out his site where you’ll find a wealth of incredible tees. In the meantime, I’ll have to start going through those old boxes in the loft in the hope of finding my original Gameboy. For about three months, the only game I had when I first got it was Tetris. I got very good at it. All my friends got very good at it. Even my mother got good at it. When I saw this t-shirt, I was taken back to those days in a dot matrix wind of nostalgia. I don’t think I ever thought that the blocks on that tiny screen were being dropped by cranes, but that thought and this tee proves Reece Ward has more of an imagination than I do.

So that was the first post of this blog. Went ok, right? I thought so. Start how you mean to go on, etc. Yeah. Not bad. See you in the next post.



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