Peace of Toast T-Shirt – I don’t get it, but I like it…

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

peace toaster t-shirt

Peace of Toast? Is that it?

Ok, so what I’m calling the Peace of Toast T-shirt is actually called Pop Up and it comes from Japan. Having seen this, I’m desperately trying to find out if I can ship it to the UK. Or if my bank account works in Yen.

I have a few places I like to go to check out t-shirts on the net and I found this in one of them. When I find a tee from a site that’s not in English and I can’t tell if you can ship it to the US or UK, I usually leave it, but this one I had to write about. I love it. It’s just nuts, but in a very simplistic line-drawing kind of way. I’m guessing that it means Peace of Toast but I have no idea if that’s right or not. It could just be a random image that inadvertently invites the pun. Not being able to read Japanese, I can’t tell. When it comes to creating kooky, fantastic things, no country does it as well as Japan and this tee deserves shouting about. Perfect for hippies and fans of toast.

You can grab your own (possibly) from where it will cost you ¥2100 (I think) and it comes in many colours and sizes. Many. If only ordering it was a peace of cake. *groans*


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