Threadless Three – Part Trois.

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threadless t-shirts

Yet more examples of great t-shirt designs on

It’s Threadless Three time again! Yes, this is my weekly selection of my three favourite designs currently on I don’t always pick new designs, just those that I feel deserve a special mention. This week’s selection, going clockwise from top left are:

Occupy The Fridge by Vaughn Pinpin – A great laugh-out-loud concept. Poor downtrodden milk. A staple of the refrigerator,  but never celebrated like the rich cheese or the cool beer. It’s a simple design that works so well and the angry face on the milk carton makes it simply charming. March on, brother.

I Can See Through You by Andrea Orlic – Every now and again, you see a t-shirt design and say to yourself “That’s so clever, I wish I’d thought of that!” and this is one of those. A beautiful concept that’s very eye-catching. A new take on the term “X-Ray Specs”.

The Guest by Ralph Pykee Lambaco – The second I saw this I was struck by just how fantastic an illustration this was. The trick to a good illustration, especially when out of context of a story, is to make you imagine the story that you don’t know, and this tee does that wonderfully. It’s haunting, it’s uncertain, it’s moody… It’s just a plain great tee is what it is.

As usual with, the sizes range from S-XXL and there are girly versions as well as those for guys. I Can See Through You is currently on there at $19.50, and the other two are listed as $20.00. Remember that these designs only have limited runs so grab one in your size while it’s still around. And I’ll see you guys next week for another instalment of Threadless Three. Enjoy!


Three Wise Monkeys T-Shirt – Ook ook ook.

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monkeys t-shirt

They made monkeys even cooler.

The Three Wise Monkeys T-Shirt is a great example of the work done by one of my favourite t-shirt companies, Beckett & Beckett who specialise in aping apes (as in “those apes are aping people!” – if you see what you mean) and this is one of their best creations.

In what appears to be animal week on BSTs (I didn’t plan this but that’s what happened), this is a great addition to the flock/herd/gaggle/gang. I saw this t-shirt a couple of years ago and just knew I had to get my paws on one of them. A new interpretation of the classic fable “The Three Wise Monkeys” sees these apes sporting earphones, shades and a surgical mask. It looks great. It actually makes me like monkeys even more. I didn’t think that was possible. Look! A monkey wearing sunglasses! Squeee! I also like to think about what the one with headphones is listening to. Cue the monkey-pop-puns: We Are The Chimp-ions, Return Of The Mac-aque,  Gorilla Radio, anything by Bananarama of course…

So, where can you wrap your opposable thumbs around this t-shirt? Well, I picked up mine at where it costs £19.00 or $31.00US depending on where your cheques are issued. It comes in four sizes from S-XL and in four colours – I’m particularly fond of the red one. It’s a fantastic looking t-shirt that’s great for monkeying around in. Ook!

WWF T-Shirt – I wasn’t alone!

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wrestling pandas t-shirt

This’ll teach you to eat my bamboo, bitch!

This WWF T-Shirt proves that, when I was a kid, I wasn’t alone in thinking that it was odd that a wrestling federation and a wildlife trust had the same acronym. Also, the idea of wrestling pandas on a t-shirt does tickle me.

When I was about eight years old, I thought it was odd when my mum said she gave money to the WWF. In my mind, that meant that she owned Hulk Hogan. When I found out it was a wildlife trust, I was initially disappointed, but then my mind told me that my mum in fact owned a panda. Alas, this was also not true but I learned something about charity at least. I thought my foolishness was isolated only to my daft imagination but this t-shirt proves otherwise. And not only that, it’s also really funny. Something about one panda braining another with a folding chair does make me laugh. And like the logo itself, it’s simple but works very well.

This tee is brought to you by the good folks at and it’s more than just an ordinary shirt. It’s a “Chari-tee” which means that all of the profits from this t-shirt goes straight to the WWF. You can check out all of the “Chari-tees” by clicking right here. This one’ll set you back £16.95 and it’s free delivery. It comes in eight colours and this men’s version (there are some for kids and ladies too) is available in sizes S-XXXL. I’m now off to find a t-shirt that shoes a mountain lion suplexing an antelope. Laters.

Sloth T-Shirt – Perfect for a lazy sunday…

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sloth tee

Sloth. A sin and similar to a monkey. Fact.

This Sloth T-Shirt is the perfect attire for this sunday. In fact, this is such a lazy sunday that it’s taken 20 minutes to write this sentence. *Yaaaawwwwnnnn…*

It’s been a heavy week. Work has been pretty busy and I’ve consumed my own weight in alcohol over the past seven days which has depleted my energy reserves. I woke up late this morning and for the first time in about three weeks, I smiled simply because I had nothing to do today. Sunday really is the day of rest. Due to all of this, I was browsing the web today looking for a symbol of laziness, and that led me to the graceful sloth. An animal so lazy and slow that it’s the only green mammal in the world because it’s so lethargic that moss and lichen have time to grow on it. That’s not only an interesting factoid, but also an aspiration. This tee is a particularly beautiful example of that longing to do very little for a long time. It comes from where they only produce scientific-themed t-shirts (and I think this is a great thing). Do check them out. Y’know. If you’re not too lazy.

This beautiful extinct sloth t-shirt comes from a real Victorian illustration of the Two-Toed Sloth. It’ll set you back no more than $18.00 and this version (there’s a women’s fit tee too) comes in six sizes from S-XXXL. And now that I’ve told you about another awesome t-shirt, I can go and have a nap. Happy sunday!

The Evolution T-Shirt – So many possibilities…

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funny evolution t-shirt

What’s next?

When I’m scouting around for new t-shirts to review, one theme that seems to crop up more than any other is that of the Evolution T-Shirt. You know the one I mean. The figures walking from left to right across the chest, beginning with an ape, growing through Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus (don’t laugh) and into man. Typically there is a next stage too. But why are they so popular? What makes them such a strong theme?

Yes, they’re often funny, but there has to be more to it than that. There are a gazillion funny tees in the world, so why does this one have such a strong presence in the market? Is it our love of the possibilities that human evolution may hold, a wishful thought of what might be, or does it simply lend itself to great design?

I’d love to know your thoughts so please post a comment below if you have any idea why they’re so popular, or send me a link if you have a favourite. I’ve also included the links and details to the ones above if you fancy picking up one for yourself. Clockwise from top left are:

Bizarre Funny Evolution – From $21.63 (available in 4 colours, sizes from S-XXL)

Evolution of Arcade – From £14.99 (available in 5 colours, sizes from S-XXL)

Zombie Evolution – From $16.99 (available in 4 colours, sizes from S-XXXL)

Evolution of Evil – From $19.95 (available in silver, sizes from S-XXXL)


Stimpy T-Shirt – What is this? Cat week?

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ren and stimpy tee

Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy…

This Stimpy T-Shirt represents part of my childhood but even as I am now in the ancient years of my late-twenties, the loveable idiot cat still makes me smile.

If you were too young to catch The Ren & Stimpy Show, I’ll try and explain it now. It was a show about a red cat and a chihuahua who spent nearly all their time talking about boogers, farts, cat litter and mudskippers. They’d have adventures and at least once every show, Ren would have a bout of unrelenting rage. Because of all of this, it was awesome. They even came up with a brilliant song called Happy Happy Joy Joy (which I’m humming to myself right now). But my overwhelming memory is that of Stimpy’s fantastic elastic face and the elated stupidity that it was capable of displaying. That’s what this t-shirt is so good at conveying. Just look at that face and try not to fall in love with it.

Brought to you by Chunk, this Stimpy Tee is available on for the price of £27.99 plus p&p. It comes in six sizes (XS – XXL) and comes only in grey. What do you think of it Mr Horse?

“Hmmm… No Sir, I didn’t like it.”

Chairman Meow T-Shirt – Cats n’ Commies

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cat t-shirt

If it had been a dog, would it have been Karl Barks? *groans*

The Chairman Meow T-Shirt is a great looking tee, though I’d always find it hard to believe that cats were capable of sharing and helping each other out. Let’s face it, cats aren’t exactly the sharing type.

Chairman Mao’s name means Chairman Meow. True story. Mao is the Chinese way of saying Meow. That being said, I still can’t imagine cats being communists. At least not if humans are still around. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that their definition of “love” is simply “you’re a walking can-opener and source of warmth and therefore you’re of use to me” – hardly the foundations of an equal society, is it? But it does look good. And there is scope for expansion with other anthropomorphised Red leaders such as Che Iguana, Fido Castro, Josef Starling… I could go on but, mercifully, I won’t. Regardless, this cat t-shirt is a fine looking feline and the retro illustration is really eye-catching. The cat’s pretty cute too. Look! He’s in a hat!

This tee can be found at Cafe Press and was designed by dogs_of_war who have quite an extensive range. This is the ladies version which comes in four colours and sizes (S-XL), but you really want it in red. Versions for kids and men are around too. All hail Chairman Meow!

Threadless Three – More Great T-Shirt Designs

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threadless t-shirts

Three more awesome designs available on

It’s been slightly delayed (I’ve been on holiday and attending weddings, etc) but there is the 2nd instalment of Threadless Three! I pick my favourite three new designs from and tell you all why I think they’re so great. We’ll go clockwise from top left…

RED by Kneil Melicano – An incredible illustration and a new take on the Little Red Riding Hood theme, this is a wonderful looking t-shirt. The beautiful woman, adorned with a wolf-head (and not much else), her eyes in shadow reaches for a pistol from her picnic basket. Melicano’s illustration not only breaks with convention but also shows a real talent for drawing. Walk around with this on your chest, and people will think you have real taste.

Guess Who by Budi Satria Kwan – The second I saw this, my exact words were “Hahahahaha” and it still makes me laugh. It’s a beautifully designed tee too. Naif, almost childlike illustration, coupled with the a very funny (if somewhat dark) premise make this a great t-shirt.

Rock Paper Scissors Recycled by Emery Greer – Sometimes you just come across a t-shirt that simply makes you smile because it’s clever. Well clever. Greer’s mix of the classic kids’ game and the recyclable symbol is just such a tee. It’s simple and striking but there’s a bit of humour too. Great design.

They cost $20 each and come in both men’s and women’s sizes as per the norm for – but hurry while stocks last!

Ace T-Shirt – Motorhead not in sight…

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ace of spades tee

Perfect for habitual gamblers and fighter pilots!

This Ace T-Shirt from Monster Threads is beautiful, but for me it has a more poignant meaning. And that’s not just because I’m a fan of Motorhead in need of an Ace of Spades Tee.

When I was a little kid, I didn’t like my middle name which was, and still is, Ronald. So when the kids at school asked me what my middle name was, being a fan of 80s cartoon Centurions, and my favourite character being the blue guy, I said my name was Ace. This was met with laughter and derision – it was a pretty obvious lie – and about year of jibes about it. Years later, in college, someone, to my horror, brought up the story of the name that never was. It got a few laughs but then people actually started using it! I had nickname and it was the name I always wanted. Huzzah! I’m proud of my middle name now – I was named after both of my Grandfathers – John and Ronald – both great men. And then I found out my mum was a massive fan of 80s soap-opera Dallas, which is why I have the initials I do. True story.

Aside from all of that, this is a very beautiful t-shirt, exquisitely designed and executed. Monster Threads have come up with yet another fantastic design and I urge you to check out the larger image available at It comes in small, medium and large (I’m usually XL but I just squeeze into the L) and it comes only in blue for £24. Take a gamble on it.

Bacon T-Shirt – Mmmmm…

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everything's better with bacon

No word of a lie.

This bacon t-shirt speaks only the truth. Everything is better with bacon – a mantra I have been proudly proclaiming for many a year now. And for those who agree but would not sport such a message emblazoned on their chest, I call thee a coward!

What is it about those rashers of loveliness, the higher cousin of ham, the prince upon the breakfast plate that makes it so divine? Watching the rich, deep red curl and crisp upon the frying pan or skillet, perhaps even under the grill, its white lines of luscious fat melting into the oil… Every moment of its preparation is heaven, and each second of its devouring is bliss. Now I could wax lyrical for hours to come on the merits and glories of this pork product but apparently this is a t-shirt blog so I should probably say something about the tee shown above. For those of us who are true fans of the sweetest meat, this is a great t-shirt. The fact that they managed to get the crisping streaks into the font is a great move.

Credit for this one goes to who bring us this bacon t-shirt. It comes in either this “sand” colour or a light blue, and with sizes from S to XXL, it’s very reasonable at just £14.99. And now I’m off to hunt down a bacon sandwich and have a small crisis (in the Victorian sense of the word). p.s. Did you get that I like bacon?

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