I.T. Department T-Shirts – What thinkgeek.com does best.

May 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

computer geek t-shirts

From PHP to Ruby on Rails. NERDS!!!

If you don’t know your coding languages, looking through thinkgeek.com’s I.T. Department T-Shirts can be daunting. It’s like you know something’s funny, but you’re not going to learn C++ just to find out what the punchline is.

As the musician Jonathan Coulton reminds us in his wonderful Codemonkey song, the tech team members of this world are people too. I work with many of them myself and once you get them out in the sunshine, well they’re really quite decent folk. They may be pale, they may receive the occasional text message from a web-server and they do talk in a curious language, but they drink their beer just like the rest of us. To celebrate these curious creatures, thinkgeek.com can help you out with some computer geek t-shirts from their own I.T Department – even if you don’t get the joke, one of these tees will make the coders in this world giggle with glee.

These are my three favourites (partly because I can actually read a bit of RegEx so I actually get the jokes) and I’ll just name them as (from left to right) as Shakespeare, Codemonkey and Yoda. They all range from $16.99 to $21.99, and typically (with an exception or two) are either black or grey. This is what thinkgeek.com do best. That and, well, everything else that’s geeky. Enjoy!


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