Star Wars T-Shirts – Happy May the 4th

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

may the 4th tees

Today, I shall be taking my lightsaber into work.

Happy May The 4th! Merry Star Wars Day! To celebrate this wonderful day, when a man can dream of being Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, let’s look at some Star Wars T-Shirts. Get your Jedi on.

I’ve chosen four of my favourite Star Wars tees from, all brought to you by different designers. So let’s take a look at each, going clockwise from top left.

Stormtrooper Graffiti designed by Addict – The Stormtrooper is an iconic image. This cloned soldier, loyal to the Emperor and thankfully susceptible to the Jedi Mind Trick, has never looked better than in this Mitchy Bwoy designed tee. It’s a beautiful illustration and the colour scheme works great. £24.99 and available in S, M, XL and XXL.

Return of The Jedi designed by Junk Food – A classic depiction of our three heroes, Han, Leia and Luke in black and yellow. A great “thrift-shop” style to this tee takes you back to 1983. It’ll set you back £32.99 and it’s only currently available in M and L.

Boombox Vader – A great black t-shirt. You can’t help wonder what he’s listening to. Same Ol’ Sithuation? Skywalking In Memphis? Wherever I Padme Roam? Anyway, this badboy is £22.99 and comes currently in S, M, L and XXXL.

Who’s Your Daddy designed by Chunk – He’s the best worst dad in a galaxy far, far away. Vader is a true icon and Chunk give him some great humour here. This khaki version is only available to Ewoks and Jawas in XS at the moment.

May the force be with you.


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