Threadless Three – More Great T-Shirt Designs

May 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

threadless t-shirts

Three more awesome designs available on

It’s been slightly delayed (I’ve been on holiday and attending weddings, etc) but there is the 2nd instalment of Threadless Three! I pick my favourite three new designs from and tell you all why I think they’re so great. We’ll go clockwise from top left…

RED by Kneil Melicano – An incredible illustration and a new take on the Little Red Riding Hood theme, this is a wonderful looking t-shirt. The beautiful woman, adorned with a wolf-head (and not much else), her eyes in shadow reaches for a pistol from her picnic basket. Melicano’s illustration not only breaks with convention but also shows a real talent for drawing. Walk around with this on your chest, and people will think you have real taste.

Guess Who by Budi Satria Kwan – The second I saw this, my exact words were “Hahahahaha” and it still makes me laugh. It’s a beautifully designed tee too. Naif, almost childlike illustration, coupled with the a very funny (if somewhat dark) premise make this a great t-shirt.

Rock Paper Scissors Recycled by Emery Greer – Sometimes you just come across a t-shirt that simply makes you smile because it’s clever. Well clever. Greer’s mix of the classic kids’ game and the recyclable symbol is just such a tee. It’s simple and striking but there’s a bit of humour too. Great design.

They cost $20 each and come in both men’s and women’s sizes as per the norm for – but hurry while stocks last!



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