Controller Family Tree T-Shirt – That fruit ruined my thumbs.

June 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

controller tee

The best way to go green.

The Controller Family Tree t-shirt represents a large chunk of my life. In fact, it represents the best chunk of my life. All those hours spent, thumbs twitching, eyes bleeding… Good times.

Whether it was making Mario jump on stuff, making Tony Hawk pull off a ridiculous flat-land combo (despite him being a ramp skater), hacking my way through a billion goblins in Hyrule or simply fishing for bass, controllers have always been my friend. My constant companion. From the joystick to the Wii-mote (which isn’t on here as it has no wire) and beyond, up until my teenage years, it was the best thing I could have in my hand. Then I discovered smoking (I know what you were thinking – pervert!) but that just led me to work out ingenious ways to smoke and play video games at the same time. This controller tee reminds me of so many hours spent leveling up, killing stuff, solving puzzles and other worthwhile pursuits. It’s a fantastically designed shirt, and the way the wires make up the trunk and leaves is oh so clever. Any gamer would be proud to sport this t-shirt. Probably for several days at a time in a dark room.

So where can you get this homage to the history or arthritis? It comes from the Nerd-vana that is where it’s available (only in green) in sizes S-XXL. And it’s a snip at only $24.99 too. Now I feel the urge to go kill some stuff on my tv. Which is a good thing.


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