Spam T-Shirt – The meat, not the junk

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meat t-shirt

It’s Spamtastic!

This Spam T-Shirt looks great, but to me, it’s here to represent the end of the month. If you’re anything like me, until payday swings around, cutting expenses is the key, and Spam helps a lot.

Spam gets a bad rap. Associated with junk email and the butt of many a joke since the days of Monty Python (and possibly before – if anything existed before Monty Python) and so therefore, it’s only right that it gets a bit of kudos here. The name comes from an amalgamation of “Spiced” and “Ham”, and it has been helping to feed families for about 75 years. It’s cheap, but of a decent quality, and in a month where I’m probably going to be switching to roll-ups and enjoying a lot more tasty water, I can see myself enjoying a few more spam dinners. I recommend frying it on a griddle with some onions and spices, but it’s a highly versatile meat so enjoy it as you will. This t-shirt homage to Spam has been brought to you by Gillian Kyle, a Scottish designer who usually turns iconic Scottish brands into tees (and mugs, aprons, etc). This time however she’s given the treatment to Spam, and it looks great – especially in this colour-scheme. It’s light-hearted and eye-catching – just like Spam!

You too can celebrate Spam by heading to where this tee will cost you £12.60 (it’s in their sale for a limited time – usually goes for £18!). This is the only colour available and it comes in sizes small and medium. Now I just have to hope that this post doesn’t get flagged as spam…



AC/DC T-Shirt – Shaking Iranian nuclear plants all night long…

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Brian Johnson T-Shirt

It’s Back In Black. And also available in green, red, blue, pink or grey.


Today feels like the right day for an AC/DC T-Shirt. This is in part due to the fact that AC/DC are a great band, in part because this is a great looking tee, and also because this week saw the band make the news for the oddest reason.

As a nuclear scientist, you tend to rely on computers quite a lot. Monitoring core temperature, radiation levels, etc. What you don’t expect is for them to come on in the middle of the night and start playing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck at full volume, but apparently that’s what they were doing in Iran. If you click on this link you can read the whole story. Back to the t-shirt and this is a great stencil of the bonkers and barmy geordie that is Brian Johnson, lead singer of one of the most iconic rock bands in the world. It’s a brilliant looking stencil and anyone who sees you wearing it is bound to be Thunderstruck by your excellent taste. Stick on a classic “Acca Dacca” album as you walk down the Highway to Hell and many will see that you are about to rock, and they will salute you for it.

Get your hands on a Brian Johnson T-Shirt by heading over to where this garment will set you back £18.99. It comes in six colours (but seriously – get it in black) and sizes range from small to a staggering 5XL. Ask a girl out while wearing this and you won’t get Shot Down In Flames. Ok, I’ll stop now…

Sports T-Shirt – The Olympics are coming…

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No I In Team T-Shirt

Best. Spelling. Ever.


This Sports T-Shirt is my kind of sports t-shirt. If some fool once told you that “there is no ‘i’ in team”, refer them to this in the future and all will be well.

The Olympics have nearly descended upon London. We have the ballistic missiles on top of our houses to prove it. Crowds gather to worship the sacred fire (something which should have died out many centuries ago) and almost £100 Billion (£100,000,000,000) is being spent on the event. Never mind the fact that as a nation we’re broke and that destitution, poverty and unemployment are rife. Forget the armed forces who don’t have the right ships, the teachers and nurses who are under-appreciated. It’ll all be ok as long as we tune in to the archery finals and the gymnastics. Now, I like sports. All sports. My qualm comes from the fact that we have to spend billions to throw a stick or run around. Makes me wonder what my school sports day must have cost! I can’t wait until the football season starts and then all this silly money spending will stop… ok, bad example but you know what I mean. Anyway, I shall enjoy watching the sports, but not the pomp and rubbish that accompanies it. Call me grumpy, unpatriotic and depressing if you like.

So, show your sporting side with this great No I In Team T-Shirt from It was designed by DeathandTaxes, and because I’d rather be almost anywhere than London for the next two weeks, I’m giving you the price in Australian (furthest place away that I could find). It’s AUD$32, comes in lots of colours, and sizes range from S-XL and 2XL will cost you AUD$4.00 more. There is an ‘i’ in team, and I’m it.

Samurai Jack T-Shirt – Aku: The Greatest Evil

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Aku T-Shirt

Long ago in a distant land…

There’s something about this Samurai Jack T-Shirt that speaks to me, and I’d put money on that being the maniacal face of the warrior’s arch enemy, Aku.

Samurai Jack was a great cartoon. A lone Samurai warrior possessing the only sword that can defeat the scourge of the planet is thrown through time to face a futuristic Earth, still ruled by the immortal evil that is Aku. Aku himself is a shape-shifting daemon, with flaming eyebrows and fanged teeth who is terrified of Jack and determined to kill him. If that basic storyline and character description doesn’t make for a great carton, then I don’t know what does. Throw in the unique animation and sounds, and it’s just fantastic. For any fan of the cartoon, this face is synonymous with evil and yet some sort of warmth. This is most probably down to the wonderful voice provided by the legendary Mako Iwamatsu, who sadly passed away in 2006, just as talk of a Samurai Jack film was on the cards. Without his voice though, the film was shelved and Jack still wanders the future, looking for a way back. This t-shirt then is both a celebration of a great Cartoon, and a fitting tribute to a wonderful voice.

Fellow Samurai Jack fans can pick this Aku T-shirt up from where it costs £22.99. There are only a few left in stock at the time of writing this review and it comes in black, sizes S-XXL. Long live Aku…


Young Ones T-Shirt – Up Scumbag! Up Scumbag!

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scumbag college tee

If you wear this, you won’t look like Rick with a silent ‘P’

This Young Ones T-Shirt reminds me of my youth, and the fact that university, no matter how much I drank, wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I had been led to believe.

I was young and foolish. When I went off to university, I was expecting atomic bombs in the kitchen, throwing handgrenades on University Challenge, senseless violence with no consequences and bands like Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Motorhead playing in my front room. When I found it was all about lessons and learning stuff, I felt somewhat tricked. But nevertheless, The Young Ones still remains one of my favourite comedy series that the BBC has ever produced. And now, I can wear a Scumbag College Tee to celebrate that. Normally I hate all the “college-style” t-shirts you get these days. They’re so unimaginative and it’s not like half of the people who wear them ever went to the college whose name appears on their chests. But I wanted to go to Scumbag, and this t-shirt is the acceptable aspect of this trend.

Brought to you by perennial British comedy t-shirt specialists, Layer Eight, I found this one on It’ll cost you £23, comes only in grey and is available in sizes S-XXL. So whether you think of yourself as a (p)Rick, Vivian, Neal or Mike, you can now shout about it like you’ve just put the Hamster in the toaster.

Peace T-Shirt – War. Huh. What is it good for?

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Peace Symbol Tee

For all you hippies out there in hippy land.

This Peace T-Shirt does not only feature a very pleasing design, but it also sums up what I’m trying to do with my week off – find a little peace.

Peace means different things to different people. There are people in this world who want peace, and others who desperately need it. Some search for peace while for others, it finds them. Some seek peace to end wars, while others look for it in order to remember who they are. It’s one of those words, like “love” or “freedom” that really gets into people’s heads, and it can make them picture anything from Bob Marley to Vietnam, from the Death Row to Woodstock. For me, right now, it’s about sitting here, with a glass of wine, a fresh packet of cigarettes and a bowl of snacks, thinking about who I am and what I want, while enjoy the sounds of silence (and the occasional whine from my cat who is convinced I’m hiding tuna somewhere in this house and that I’m keeping it from him). That’s why I needed to post about a tee emblazoned with the peace symbol. This t-shirt is one for the ladies, and features the famous sign, surrounded by butterflies and birds. It’s a great looking design that would work well at any summer festival.

This t-shirt comes to you from and it was deigned by Plastikman, a German designer with a real knack for turning simple images into profound ones – do check out his range for yourself. The price of peace is £17.53 (The UN would take that any day) and it comes in lots of colours with sizes ranging from small to extra large. So when you next get the chance, find a little peace, and enjoy it.

Big Bang Theory T-Shirts – A Selection Of My Favourites

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I’m not insane about t-shirts! My mother had me tested.

I guess I have to do a post about Big Bang Theory T-Shirts really. I mean, it averages out at at least two top quality geeky tees per episode, and now’s the time to celebrate them.

Someone asked me recently “Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?” I said “Yes.” What I wanted to say was “Who me? A nerd with an interest in science who reads comic books and dreams of getting the gorgeous blonde next door?” while wearing a really sarcastic expression. It’s a great show and between Leonard and Sheldon, you get a heck of a lot of great tees on display. So above are some of my favourites that have either been featured on the show or were inspired by it. Here’s how to find them (going clockwise from top left):

Bazinga! – Celebrate Sheldon’s greatest catchphrase and the sign that hilarity should ensue with this tee. You can get it at where it’ll set you back $17.99-$19.99. It comes only in red and in sizes Small to XXXL.

Man-Bot – Robots (even MONTE) are cool and this is a particularly great design. You can grab it at where it comes in lots of colours and sizes S-XXL, and for just $17.40.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock – I won’t go through the rules here, but the T-Shirt sums it up nicely. Another one from, it comes only in blue, sizes S-XXXL and costs between $16.99 and $18.99.

Opti-Blocks – The eye-hurting optical illusion looks great (even if you can’t stare at it for too long without getting a headache). Pick it up at Heavy Rotation where it costs $24.00, comes in sizes small, medium and large, and they’re all yellow.

Melting – This is the creation of the eponymous and looks, as always with their t-shirts, brilliant. The melting Rubik’s cube can be purchased for $21.95. It only comes in black but there are loads of sizes and styles to choose from.

Hairlines – The instantly recognisable hairlines of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. Found at where it’s currently (at time of writing) available only in light blue, sizes small or XXL. It costs $19.99.

So, them’s my favourites from the show, and thanks to all the people who make and design them of course. I shall now go and sing soft kitty, do some physics and not talk to pretty girls. Standard.

Calculator T-Shirt – Numbers can do stuff. Like make you laugh.

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5318008 t-shirt

Now do a handstand infront of your computer.

This is the Calculator T-Shirt and if you don’t know why this was once the funniest thing in the world, you were never a schoolboy who couldn’t really be bothered with Maths.

It wasn’t that I didn’t get maths, it’s just that I had no real respect for numbers. They didn’t do anything unless you told them to. Words have a power that means that they don’t even have to be read or heard and yet they’re still doing things but numbers are the slow children of the digits. Of course, my reluctance to do my homework when it came to numbers meant my teachers thought I was one of the slow children (at least when it came to maths) so I had to buck my ideas up and knuckle down. And the only thing that kept me going through those long hours of idea bucking and knuckle downing, was the fact that I could grab a calculator and type in 5318008 every now and again. It’s a great number. I eventually got a pretty good grade in maths and this number has to take some of the credit. Hooray for 5318008!

Get your own 5318008 t-shirt by nipping over to where this fine tee will cost you £14.99 (which has the square root of £3.87 – see, I told you I got better at maths!) and it comes in 4 colours and six sizes from S-3XL. Right, I’m off to go stare at 5318008. I mean on a calculator… maybe…

Grilled Cheese T-Shirt – A Tribute To My Favourite Blog

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cheesy tee

Mmmm… Cheese.

This is the Grilled Cheese T-Shirt. I write this post today, not just because I think this t-shirt is particularly cute, but because it celebrates one of my favourite blogs…

If you’re not familiar with, you really should be. It’s awesomeness personified. Written and run by Mackenzie Smith (a woman who I would make my Queen if we lived in the same country), it presents the very best in truly original grilled cheese sandwich recipes, all devised my the aforementioned Miss Smith. I had to buy a protective cover for my keyboard because I was drooling and dribbling on it so much whenever she posted a new recipe – just look at the photos! I’m already out of shape but I’d happily become obese if it meant I got to eat all of those. I tried to pick my favourite to add a link to this post, but I just can’t. I want to eat all of them!

This cheesy tee is brought to you by Virgin Fish, and I found it on It’s the cutest sandwich I ever saw and it’s a design that just makes me smile. You can get this one in loads of colours and sizes range from Small to XXXL. I’ll be needing one of the really big ones by the time I’ve worked my way through all those delicious sandwiches. And I look forward to doing so. Bring on the cheese!!

Guitar Beard T-Shirt – This guy looks like me!

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Hairy T-Shirt

What might he be playing? Hairies Wear Boots? Free Beard? Deep Deep Stubble?

The fellow on this fantastic-looking Guitar Beard T-Shirt really does bear an uncanny resemblance to yours truly. I’ve got the headphones, the guitar (well, bass guitar anyway) and the beard too.
Ok, so there are a few differences. No matter how much I condition it, I can never get my beard to look that flowing, luxurious or impressive. My Headphones are red. Yes, it’s a guitar and I play bass, and I’m not bald. He’s also kind of skinnier looking than fat ol’ me. But apart from all of those differences, it’s a spitting image of me. This beautiful looking tee has been brought to you by the unique and striking talents of British artist DBug whose style stands out as refreshing and fun. He’s found great lines in this illustration and made something that looks great. The man deserves credit and your appreciation. Maybe he’s done something that looks like you…
I found this t-shirt on Alas, it’s not currently in stock, so you can’t grab one for yourself at the moment but I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for when it comes back (especially if the sale price of £7.50 stays up!!). In the meantime, do take a look at his Fotolog – a very talented artist indeed.

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