Guitar Beard T-Shirt – This guy looks like me!

July 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hairy T-Shirt

What might he be playing? Hairies Wear Boots? Free Beard? Deep Deep Stubble?

The fellow on this fantastic-looking Guitar Beard T-Shirt really does bear an uncanny resemblance to yours truly. I’ve got the headphones, the guitar (well, bass guitar anyway) and the beard too.
Ok, so there are a few differences. No matter how much I condition it, I can never get my beard to look that flowing, luxurious or impressive. My Headphones are red. Yes, it’s a guitar and I play bass, and I’m not bald. He’s also kind of skinnier looking than fat ol’ me. But apart from all of those differences, it’s a spitting image of me. This beautiful looking tee has been brought to you by the unique and striking talents of British artist DBug whose style stands out as refreshing and fun. He’s found great lines in this illustration and made something that looks great. The man deserves credit and your appreciation. Maybe he’s done something that looks like you…
I found this t-shirt on Alas, it’s not currently in stock, so you can’t grab one for yourself at the moment but I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for when it comes back (especially if the sale price of £7.50 stays up!!). In the meantime, do take a look at his Fotolog – a very talented artist indeed.

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