Grilled Cheese T-Shirt – A Tribute To My Favourite Blog

July 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

cheesy tee

Mmmm… Cheese.

This is the Grilled Cheese T-Shirt. I write this post today, not just because I think this t-shirt is particularly cute, but because it celebrates one of my favourite blogs…

If you’re not familiar with, you really should be. It’s awesomeness personified. Written and run by Mackenzie Smith (a woman who I would make my Queen if we lived in the same country), it presents the very best in truly original grilled cheese sandwich recipes, all devised my the aforementioned Miss Smith. I had to buy a protective cover for my keyboard because I was drooling and dribbling on it so much whenever she posted a new recipe – just look at the photos! I’m already out of shape but I’d happily become obese if it meant I got to eat all of those. I tried to pick my favourite to add a link to this post, but I just can’t. I want to eat all of them!

This cheesy tee is brought to you by Virgin Fish, and I found it on It’s the cutest sandwich I ever saw and it’s a design that just makes me smile. You can get this one in loads of colours and sizes range from Small to XXXL. I’ll be needing one of the really big ones by the time I’ve worked my way through all those delicious sandwiches. And I look forward to doing so. Bring on the cheese!!


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