Young Ones T-Shirt – Up Scumbag! Up Scumbag!

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

scumbag college tee

If you wear this, you won’t look like Rick with a silent ‘P’

This Young Ones T-Shirt reminds me of my youth, and the fact that university, no matter how much I drank, wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I had been led to believe.

I was young and foolish. When I went off to university, I was expecting atomic bombs in the kitchen, throwing handgrenades on University Challenge, senseless violence with no consequences and bands like Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Motorhead playing in my front room. When I found it was all about lessons and learning stuff, I felt somewhat tricked. But nevertheless, The Young Ones still remains one of my favourite comedy series that the BBC has ever produced. And now, I can wear a Scumbag College Tee to celebrate that. Normally I hate all the “college-style” t-shirts you get these days. They’re so unimaginative and it’s not like half of the people who wear them ever went to the college whose name appears on their chests. But I wanted to go to Scumbag, and this t-shirt is the acceptable aspect of this trend.

Brought to you by perennial British comedy t-shirt specialists, Layer Eight, I found this one on It’ll cost you £23, comes only in grey and is available in sizes S-XXL. So whether you think of yourself as a (p)Rick, Vivian, Neal or Mike, you can now shout about it like you’ve just put the Hamster in the toaster.


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