Sports T-Shirt – The Olympics are coming…

July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

No I In Team T-Shirt

Best. Spelling. Ever.


This Sports T-Shirt is my kind of sports t-shirt. If some fool once told you that “there is no ‘i’ in team”, refer them to this in the future and all will be well.

The Olympics have nearly descended upon London. We have the ballistic missiles on top of our houses to prove it. Crowds gather to worship the sacred fire (something which should have died out many centuries ago) and almost £100 Billion (£100,000,000,000) is being spent on the event. Never mind the fact that as a nation we’re broke and that destitution, poverty and unemployment are rife. Forget the armed forces who don’t have the right ships, the teachers and nurses who are under-appreciated. It’ll all be ok as long as we tune in to the archery finals and the gymnastics. Now, I like sports. All sports. My qualm comes from the fact that we have to spend billions to throw a stick or run around. Makes me wonder what my school sports day must have cost! I can’t wait until the football season starts and then all this silly money spending will stop… ok, bad example but you know what I mean. Anyway, I shall enjoy watching the sports, but not the pomp and rubbish that accompanies it. Call me grumpy, unpatriotic and depressing if you like.

So, show your sporting side with this great No I In Team T-Shirt from It was designed by DeathandTaxes, and because I’d rather be almost anywhere than London for the next two weeks, I’m giving you the price in Australian (furthest place away that I could find). It’s AUD$32, comes in lots of colours, and sizes range from S-XL and 2XL will cost you AUD$4.00 more. There is an ‘i’ in team, and I’m it.


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