Spam T-Shirt – The meat, not the junk

July 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

meat t-shirt

It’s Spamtastic!

This Spam T-Shirt looks great, but to me, it’s here to represent the end of the month. If you’re anything like me, until payday swings around, cutting expenses is the key, and Spam helps a lot.

Spam gets a bad rap. Associated with junk email and the butt of many a joke since the days of Monty Python (and possibly before – if anything existed before Monty Python) and so therefore, it’s only right that it gets a bit of kudos here. The name comes from an amalgamation of “Spiced” and “Ham”, and it has been helping to feed families for about 75 years. It’s cheap, but of a decent quality, and in a month where I’m probably going to be switching to roll-ups and enjoying a lot more tasty water, I can see myself enjoying a few more spam dinners. I recommend frying it on a griddle with some onions and spices, but it’s a highly versatile meat so enjoy it as you will. This t-shirt homage to Spam has been brought to you by Gillian Kyle, a Scottish designer who usually turns iconic Scottish brands into tees (and mugs, aprons, etc). This time however she’s given the treatment to Spam, and it looks great – especially in this colour-scheme. It’s light-hearted and eye-catching – just like Spam!

You too can celebrate Spam by heading to where this tee will cost you £12.60 (it’s in their sale for a limited time – usually goes for £18!). This is the only colour available and it comes in sizes small and medium. Now I just have to hope that this post doesn’t get flagged as spam…



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