Iconic T-Shirts – The Punisher T-Shirt

August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

punisher skull tee

Vigilantes never looked so good.

This Punisher T-Shirt marks the first in a series of Iconic T-Shirt that i want to cover on this blog by taking a look at some particularly important tees. Also, it’s a design that has always been freakin’ awesome.

The Punisher Skull Tee makes it into the Icons list because it’s a t-shirt that is as recognisable (if not more so) than the man who wears it – former Navy Seal, Frank Castle. In fact, looking at it, it’s way more recognisable. It’s a curious design for a curious character. The skull’s eyes have been made to look as if they’re glowering, and the elongated teeth make it almost alien, but that summed up The Punisher pretty well. Unlike so many of Marvel’s creations, he didn’t have any superpowers and, like Batman and Iron Man, relied on massive firepower to fight crime. But beyond this, he didn’t wear a costume – the only thing identifying him was the t-shirt. That, and he carried so many guns, it made the other two super-powerless heroes look like boy scouts. He even had a comic book series called “Armoury” that had no real plot and instead just showcased the extent of his arsenal. He broke a mould in the comic book world (also because he was as much of a danger to society and a criminal as he was a hero), and he couldn’t have done it without this t-shirt.And the other great ploy by Stan Lee’s company (whether intentional or not) is that by not having a utility belt, armour, or even a spandex onesie, his look was accessible to the fans – anyone can pull of a t-shirt!

And that’s why, the Iconic T-Shirt series begins here. A tee that allowed any fan to emulate his hero, that also offered a design that has always been cool – whether your tastes are geeky or not.

This particular version (and there are many – ranging from super simple to supremely stylised) can be found at truffleshuffle.co.uk. It’ll cost you £17.99 as well as some p&p, it’s available in M,L and XL and it’s only available in black.

Stay tuned for more T-Shirt Icons!


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