Tools T-Shirt – Nailed it.

August 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

diy t-shirt

Too… many… potential… tool-based… puns… *head explodes*


This Tools T-Shirt is the perfect gift for many a man or woman who likes bashing, hacking and nailing things together.

Now, I like DIY, but I’m not known for doing things by the book, unless that book is “How to hammer stuff with the handle of your fret saw” or “Home disasters III: Dados and Dodos”. I have the tool boxes, lots of tools and I get stuff done, even if I don’t use the implements in question as they were intended. Why remove screws with a screwdriver, when it’s so much more fun with an electric jigsaw? That’s my motto and I have the scars and broken thumbs to prove it. However, some follow the rules (sheep!) and others are fans of the band Tool, avid viewers of 90s sitcom Tool Time or simply tools themselves and this tee is perfect for all of them. It’s a great design – simple and eyecatching – and even if you’re not a do-it-yourself sort of person, it will look great on you. I can even name all the tools on the t-shirt. From left to right, it’s funny hammer, tall hammer, spiky hammer, hammer keys, pretend microphone, hollow hammer and nail clippers. How good am I!?

You can buy your own tool t-shirt at It’s been created by Stabo (who are new to me but do some very cool designs) and it’s available for the bargain price of £16. It’s chocolate brown with sizes from small to XL and for a small price it can be delivered across the world. So, if you think they’ve hit the nail on the head with this one and you like what you saw, be sure to grab your own today!


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