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August 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

political t-shirts

Whatever cause you’re fighting for, they’ll have a tee for you.

When it comes to Political T-Shirts, you have a world of choice, but one of my favourite sites for expressing sentiments of this nature is so I’ve picked some of my favourite designs to show you here.

Part of being brave is standing up for what you believe in. The next step is to start shouting about it, and when a picture speaks a thousand words, a good t-shirt design can really spread those words. Ban T-Shirts does a great job of marrying the values they believe in (values which many others share) with great, eye-catching design work. If you check out their site, you’ll discover a wealth of bold (both in terms of look and of sentiment) tees that, if you’re suitably left-leaning, or socially and environmentally conscious you’ll discover something here that will suit you down to the ground.

Here’s a run down of some of my favourites (going clockwise from top left):

Get Angry And Change The World T-Shirt – I got so sick of the Keep Calm stuff, but when I saw this, I felt it made so much more sense. It comes in green, it’s $20 and there are lots of sizes in both men’s and women’s fits.

Buffalo/Bison Skull T-Shirt – Both the plight of Native Americans and the loss of the North American bison (or buffalo) are tragic things, and this t-shirt is a great way to show your support for them both. $20 and it comes in black with lots of sizes.

Eco-Terrorist T-Shirt – Read the blurb about this t-shirt on the site and you’ll see it makes so much sense. It’s $12, it comes in green, but the only size left at the moment is Men’s XXL.

Gun Control? T-Shirt – Not only is this a great design, but it also highlights the problem of gun ownership in the US. For $20, it comes in a rather fetching blue and there are plenty of sizes for men and women.

Enjoy! And fight the power.



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