Peacock Envy T-Shirt – The bird is the word.

August 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

peacock t-shirt

*cue groans* Peck-asso? Tern-er? Finch-ent Van Gogh?

I love this Peacock Envy T-Shirt. It incorporates a great design, a wicked pun and the word ‘peacock’ still makes my inner child giggle.

This t-shirt really got me thinking. Having a peacock tail would be awesome. It got me thinking about how I could genetically alter my own DNA to give me a peacock’s tail, but then I realised that that probably wouldn’t be financially viable. I then considered hiding a peacock down the back of my trousers but those beaks look pretty sharp and it’s not really worth the risk in terms of proximity to delicate things. Basically, it’s not going to happen. I could make one out of pipe-cleaners and tissue paper but it’d look rubbish. So, if I want a peacock tail, this tee will have to do. Thankfully, I absolutely love this design. It’s a beautifully done illustration that uses a great colour pallet and it conveys the concept perfectly. A fine looking bird indeed.

This comes to you from which is a great independent site that showcases the talents of a very talented t-shirt designer. This particular T-Shirt will cost you $22.00 and comes in sizes from Small to XXL. It only comes in this tan colour but I think it fits the design perfectly, and there’s a women’s version too. If nothing else, it’s bound to be a lot more comfortable than having a live peacock shoved down your trousers.



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