Superhero T-Shirt – The problem with capes.

August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

my cape is invisible

Hope for all of us reserved caped crusaders.

This Superhero T-Shirt sums up my life a little bit. Every time someone’s in peril, I never have my cape on me, but when I’m standing on the street with my undies on the outside of my jeans, nothing happens. Typical.

I never really got the cape thing. Ok, Batman’s could help him fly, but all the other capes in comic books seemed to just be about dressing up. In fact, I always took issue with the whole idea of a costume. At what point does Batman put on his eyeliner? Is a telephone booth really a suitable place for a man to put on red knee-high boots? And what the hell is the deal with the pants/shorts on the outside of your trousers/pants (trying to speak both British English and American English there)? And yet, despite all of these things, they’re all pretty cool. As much as I quietly deride the idea of a cape, I really wish I owned one. Especially one that could deflect lasers, make me fly, be converted into a small canoe, eaten in times of hunger and shield me from a chilly breeze.

This t-shirt comes to you from the Joy Of Ex Foundation and can be found at where it’ll set you back £24.50 (or $41 if your in the US). You can have any colour you like as long as it’s grey (though there is a red version for kids too). The only size available at the moment is XL but hopefully they’ll get some more soon. It’s a simple design, but very funny. Now I’m off to tell Superman he looks silly.



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