Red Dwarf T-Shirt – As worn by Jim Bexley Speed

September 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

london jets t-shirt

Never look like a hadron-head again!

This is by far the best Red Dwarf T-Shirt I could find. Not only is it worn by Dave Lister on screen, but you also get to add your own curry stains.

If you find yourself trolling about space, 3,000,000 years from Earth, alone apart from a neurotic android, a hopeless computer, an idiotic cat and the universe’s most annoying man, you’ll need to look sharp. Nothing accentuates your curves and drives the scutters wild like the bright red of the London Jets T-Shirt. You even get to pretend that you’re Jim Bexley Speed (he plays Roof Attack) for this much storied Zero-G Football team, and that’s pretty cool. I really really want one of these tees now. I’ve been a Red Dwarf fan ever since I heard my first ‘smeg’ and I’m cautiously looking forward to the new series – Red Dwarf X – which will be arriving in a couple of months. I’m cautious because the last outing couldn’t really be called a success, and it won’t be how it was all those years ago, but on the other hand, it’ll be great to see the crimson short one sailing through the big black again.

Show your support for Red Dwarf (and the London Jets) by heading over to where you can pick this up for just £15.99. It’s available in four colours (but you’d have to be a gimboid to want anything other than red), and sizes range from small to 2XL. And you’ll have more fun wearing this than you would with Inflatable Rachel and the puncture repair kit.



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