Duff Beer T-Shirt – Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff.

September 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

simpsons t-shirt

Mmm… Duff.

The Duff Beer T-Shirt is a favourite of mine. It celebrates not only The Simpsons, a television show that I grew up with, but also beer. That’s two of my favourite things right there!

Bart Simpson and I are of a very similar age. I think he’s actually a couple of years older than me, and yet while his looks have remained youthful, mine have withered into the gnarled, grizzly and furry specimen that sits here writing this. One of the only advantages I have over him (and also a contributing factor to the gnarled/grizzly look) is that I got old enough to drink beer. I have sampled literally thousands of different beers from porters to stouts, from lagers to bitters and a few really weird ones besides. I’ve supped beers from all over the world, and found some real hidden gems from the oddest places. But while sitting in the Placa del Rei in Barcelona, about this time last year, I ordered a beer I’d not had before, and it turned out to be real, actual, genuine Duff. And it was darn tasty too. I was happy than a Spider-pig in… well, you know. Homer would be very happy were he to appear in the real world. So Bart can keep his youth, and I shall drink beer with Homer instead. Woohoo!

This fantastic looking Simpsons T-Shirt can be found at truffleshuffle.co.uk where it’ll cost you no more than £17.99 (and a bit of p&p). It’s red and it’s available in sizes small to XL (though they’re a bit low in stock at the moment). And just remember Homer’s wisest adage: “Beer: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”



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