Scalextric T-Shirt – Hours of fun (if you like figure 8s).

October 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

scalextric tee

If you’re not making “vroom-vroom” noises in your head right now, you’re not human.

Ah, Scalextric. The memories come flooding back with this Scalextric T-Shirt, but not all of them are good. Unlike this tee, which is very good.

Yes, it’s time for another ramble down memory lane which will be full of dry wit, plot holes and fantastical characters. When I was a lad, the top toy to have was a Scalextric. As a boy, especially in the weeks before Christmas, you were seduced by adverts showing glamourous super cars racing neck-and-neck against each other around elaborate tracks. The speed, the sounds of the revving, the smiling faces… If you’re my age and in possession of a Y chromosome, this is what you wanted for Christmas. And one year, I got one! Oh, the excitement and joy that filled my heart. I set up the track, plugged it in, put my car on the circuit and off it went! And then it went of the track. Basically, if you applied any real speed in the corner, or decelerated slightly, the car flew off into oblivion (oblivion being hereafter synonymous with “under the couch”) and seeing as all I had was a figure 8 track, it was all corners. I was bored of it within an afternoon. Mum, Dad, I’m sorry about that. However, I would never regret receiving this rather splendid t-shirt which actually retains some of the magic that the real thing could never really deliver.

So buy this and make your own car noises (that was another thing – you had to make the motor noises to drown out the electric whine of the actual cars!) at where it’ll cost you £22.99. It comes only in grey, and sizes range from small to XXL (but at time of writing, there’s only one left!). Kids these days just race each other on their Xboxes… lucky bastards.




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