Gorilla T-Shirt – King Kong’s going Ape!

October 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

king kong t-shirt

Fact: In Denmark, ‘King Kong’ was called ‘Kong King’, because ‘Kong’ means ‘King’.

This Gorilla T-Shirt is great. As you may be aware, I like monkeys and apes, and the Gorilla is the ape-par-excellence. And King Kong is the big daddy of primates.

The Gorilla is a noble beast. Soulful eyes, a gentle manner, and the ability to flip into a blind rage and pull the arms off anyone who annoys it. They’re practically human. And King Kong was the most human of them all as he dangled from the Empire State building, clutching Fay Wray to his chest while swatting aeroplanes out of the air. Who among us has not done that? You have a few drinks, get a bit squiffy and the next morning you’re picking bits of propeller and fruit out of your hair and wondering why everyone’s looking at you a bit funny. Happens to the best of us. And now you can celebrate such moments with this rather delightful King Kong T-Shirt, as designed by just83in who often provides the world with excellent looking tees. This is one of my favourite illustrations in that range, and not just because it involves primates. It’s a brilliantly styled illustration that encapsulates the rage and humanity of the greatest of apes.

You can find this at spreadshirt.co.uk where it’ll cost you £28.02. It comes in loads of colours (I think it looks awesome in red) and sizes range from small to XXXL, so whether you’re a tiny gibbon or a monstrous ape, you’ll find the fit for you. I suddenly have a hankering for bananas…



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