Johnny The Homicidal Maniac T-Shirt – No-one scarier.

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

JTHM T-Shirt

“Dear Die-ary, I seem to be dead.” – JTHM

There is no-one scarier. Freddy, Jason, Dracula… none of them compare to the “misunderstood” entity that is Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, and now there’s a Johnny The Homicidal Maniac T-Shirt too.

If you’ve read Jhonen Vasquez’ graphic (violently graphic) JTHM book, you’ll be aware, but for those of you who don’t know, allow me to fill you in a little. Johnny could be a regular guy, except that he has a wall in his basement that torments him if he doesn’t keep it slick with blood, and his only friend is Nail-Bunny, a long dead rabbit that he once nailed to the wall. But he’s very ethical about who he kills and it tends to be only the scum of society who feels his unrelenting wrath (that scum including anyone who has ever spoken one bad word to him and pedophiles). He goes on a fantastical and terrifying journey to discover something about himself and the world, but he also concludes that the journey probably wasn’t worth it. It’s terrifying, touching, daring, brilliant and wholly unique.  Vasquez’ imagery and illustration is striking and unsurpassed in my humble opinion and he captured a nightmare world perfectly for his work. And the fact that you can now get this work on a t-shirt makes me very happy indeed. It’s also perfect for halloween.

I found this JTHM T-Shirt at It’s just under $20.00, comes in black only (very appropriate) and sizes range from Small to XXL. I shall leave you with one of my favourite Johnny quotes: “I’ve been talking to dead rabbits and feeding bloody walls. I’ve done horrifying things with salad tongs. It’s really eaten into my social life.”


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