Pennywise The Clown T-Shirt – I know you’re scared right now.

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Clown T-Shirt

WWPD? I’m guessing he’d just kill lots of people.

Continuing this week’s Halloween theme, today we’re looking at this Pennywise T-Shirt, which is pretty much responsible for destroying the positive view of clowns in everybody.

I always liked clowns. During my teenage years, I even liked the Insane Clown Posse (something I’ve happily grown out of) but I never had a problem with clowns. None of my friends had anything against clowns either, until they got to the age when they were old enough to watch It. After that, if they were crossing the road, they would never cross over a gutter drain. It was that bad. And after that, all clowns were creepy. Even a happy clown who just made children laugh, was now considered more terrifying than Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster or the Wolfman. I still don’t have a problem with clowns, but I do get a kick out of showing some people a picture of Pennywise and seeing the look of cold, naked dread pass over their features as they recall hiding behind the sofa and sleeping with the lights on for a week. Since It, clowns have more frequently appeared as evil monsters, but for the ultimate evil of the red-nosed variety, accept no substitutes. As for what he would do, well, it wouldn’t be nice…

Celebrate the psychotic clown by picking up one of these Clown T-Shirts from where it’ll set you back no more than £11.69 (very reasonable!). It comes only in black, but there are loads of sizes available. But when you’re wearing it, don’t grab people and shout “Kiss me, fat boy!” or you’ll be paying for their therapy sessions for years.



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