Century T-Shirt – 100 t-shirts done.

October 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

cricket t-shirt

It’s been a sticky wicket, but the ton is up.

Taking a break from scary t-shirts to bring you something that I’m very happy about. To celebrate the 100th tee review on bigscarytees.com, I bring you the Century T-shirt.

Yep, if you trawl through this blog, you’ll find 100 t-shirts that yours truly has written about. I’ve dribbled lots of irreverent, meaningless and confusing nonsense about 100 wonderful t-shirts, all of which I either own or want to own. There have been new t-shirts, iconic t-shirts and t-shirts of every colour. I’ve enjoyed them all, and I look forward to rambling on about the next 100. Hopefully, I’m going to start introducing some new features too. Don’t know what they are yet, but I’ll work it out.

Now, back to this tee, and as we get ready for England’s winter tour of India, this seemed perfect. I know the Ashes are the big one when it comes to cricket, especially in England, but the games I always enjoy the most are those that are played when England are on tour in either India or the West Indies. The two sides always seem to play harder and compliment each other. Yes, it means sitting up until all hours of the night, listening to the radio or dozing in front of the television, but that’s part of the magic. And this is great looking tee to don while listening to leather hitting willow and the shouts of “Howzat!”.

This Cricket T-Shirt brought to you by desirage and is available on cafepress.co.uk. It comes in three colours, six sizes (S-3XL) and its price starts at £17 (it’s on offer at the time of writing). So while England are hitting sixes and knocking off plenty of bails, I’ll hopefully be well into the next 100 t-shirts. Thanks for reading!



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