Stormtrooper T-Shirt – This IS the shirt I’m looking for.

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

star wars stormtrooper t-shirt

You can go about your business, Mr Mouse…

The Stormtrooper T-Shirt is the perfect garment for me today. It’s current and topical, though the only “topical” I need is the ointment kind for my ruined forehead. Let me tell you a tale…

So, some idiot (Me) decided to participate in yesterday’s Halloween celebrations by donning a particularly gruesome look (No, not just my normal face). I went as a guy who’d been shot in the head (as you do) and it looked really horrible, which is good for halloween. The only problem being that, because of overuse of fake blood, I have stained my forehead orange-red. I look like an overgrown Umpa Lumpa whose reconstructive surgery didn’t go quite as well as hoped. Though with the face paint that won’t wash out of my eyelashes, some have said I more closely resemble the world’s ugliest drag queen with a touch of dermatitis. Which is lovely. I tried everything to get it out. before you suggest anything, I already tried it. Seriously, I have had the lot on my forehead as of this morning. So what I really need, ironically the day after halloween, is a mask. Or a helmet, and that’s why the Stormtrooper helmet would be spot on. And a t-shirt that’s brighter than my face right now would be a good distraction too.

Now, as for the whole “Disney Buys Star Wars” thing, I’m sort of undecided and underwhelmed by the whole thing. They can’t do worse than Jar Jar Binks (I hope) and the plan always was to do nine films, so it’s good that that’s happening. And George didn’t seem to be as in love with the films as he used to be, and Disney is very good at making family films, which is what Star Wars always was. On the other hand, there are enough cartoons doing the rounds on the internet of Darth Pluto and Mickey Mouse as the Emperor to put me off. Time will tell, but I’m sure to pick up the next trilogy regardless. Not that he’ll ever read it or know about it or care, but I’d like to say thanks to Mr Lucas for creating the concept and the universe and the first three films that have made all of us nerds/geeks very happy over the years. May the force be with you, George.

Back to this rather splendid t-shirt, you can pick one up for yourself at where it’ll cost you £15.99. It comes in red and sizes go from Jawa to Jabba (that’s Small to XL to you). It’s a grand looking tee, and if my head wasn’t glowing and if I weren’t feeling so sorry for myself, I’d praise it in a little more detail. But it is, and I am, so I’m not.



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