One Big Bear T-Shirt – Growlingly good.

November 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

bear tee

He’s right. That is one big bear.

It’s time for me to review a Bear T-Shirt. I looked at a bear-themed tee recently but apparently there are bear-fans out there who want more. Which is like being a monkey-fan (like what I am) but obviously not as good.

I have nothing against bears per se. It would be fairly ridiculous if I did. I rarely come into contact with bears and when I do, I feel rather intimidated. But, and it’s a big, scary, fur-covered but(t), they’re not monkeys or apes. Bears just don’t really interest me. However, I have some friends, who shall remain nameless, who are rather fond of bears, but I just don’t get what’s so good about them. Sure, bears have Yogi, Rupert, Paddington and Pooh, but if you’re a monkey/ape-fan you can easily better these with Curious George, Magilla Gorilla, Mighty Joe and The Librarian from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. It’s an easy victory for the primates, and yet there are still those out there that prefer bears. I don’t get it, but I decided to hunt down a really cool Bear Tee to satisfy those weirdos. And I found one. This shirt is brought to you by the talented Anthony Peters who has taken bright colours, fun designs and good humour to create very wearable stuff. I heartily recommend you take a look-see at his entire collection.

If you’re one of these bear-fans, you can grab one of these t-shirts from It’s $20.12, comes in a colour called “Lemon-zest” and sizes go from Small to XL. And if you’re one of us regular monkey/ape-fans, normal service will be resumed shortly.



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