Organs T-Shirt – My insides used to look like this.

November 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Organs T-Shirt

And the lung bone’s connected to the heart bone. The heart bone’s connected…

The Organs T-Shirt is great at showing us what we look like inside. Or what we used to look like in the 19th Century. Or what someone thought we looked like. But I think mine are a little different…

This is a great-looking tee that utilises an actual 19th Century illustration of human organs to accomplish a very pleasing design. But the more I study it, even if I ignore the charming inaccuracies accomplished in an age before x-rays, I would make some changes if I wanted it to be an actual representation of what I think my insides look like. They go as follows:

Lungs – They need to be darker. Like proper darker. Black in fact. Aside from a slightly-becoming-problematic smoking habit, living in London insures my lungs are readily coated in a layer of disgusting gunge.

Heart – Often broken, but with low cholesterol, it ought to look leaner and with the texture of cracked porcelain.

Pancreas – I know it’s different spelling and pronunciation, but I always think of St Pancras, so therefore, mine should look like a train station with a hotel on top.

Liver – Should be slumped on the floor, vomiting blood and crying. Y’know. Like the real one.

So, when they’ve made those changes, I’ll get one for myself, but if you’re happy with the current interpretation, you can pick one up at science-tee-heaven It’ll cost you just $18 and comes in this pale yellow colour. There’s a ladies’ fit version too, but this unisex one is available in sizes small to XXXL. Have a happy friday, and don’t destroy your insides too much this weekend. Leave that to us professionals…




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