Glennz Tees – Some more great designs.

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Clockwise from top left: Arch Enemies, Gummi Alien, Practice Range, Air Guitar.

A few months back, I looked at a selection of my favourite Glennz Tees, and now I’m going to look at even more of them. Why? Because they’re just too damn awesome.

Why don’t I focus on one at a time like I do with all the other tees? Well, if I did that, there’d be a Glennz t-shirt reviewed and talked about every day. The output of quality, wonderful t-shirts is just too good and I may as well have just called this the bigscaryglennztees blog. I’m not gushing or sucking up – just go take a look at their site and see if you can find a bad design. I can’t. Each tee has me amused, ranging from quiet giggles to full on RAOTFLMAOYSST (Rolling Around On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off Yet Somehow Still Typing – I stole that from Bill Bailey). Because of this exceptional pedigree in tee production, I’ve picked out another four faves. Don’t forget that Christmas is coming and these will make great gifts for t-shirt fans. So, going clockwise from top left we have…

Arch Enemies – Do penguins even know what bats look like? I hope so.

Gummi Alien – Chest-bursters have never been so delicious.

Practice Range – No need to carp on about this one.

Air Guitar – New meaning to the term “Pump up the music”

All of these shirts cost $21.95 and come in plenty of sizes and the colours shown. Glennz don’t do massive runs of their shirts, so if you want one, it’s always best to act with alacrity and fork over the moolah pronto. I dare say I’ll pick out even more of their tees for this blog soon, so keep reading for future updates.



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