Private Eye T-Shirt – We need more like Ian Hislop.

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

That quote cost £60,000. Not bad for seven words.

In a nation suffering under an evil coalition, an uninspiring opposition, austerity, corporate greed and elitism, we need a publication that exposes and attacks it all. And we have one, which is why I went looking for a Private Eye T-Shirt.

I found this Ian Hislop T-Shirt. For those who don’t know, Ian Hislop is the editor of Private Eye Magazine, a British institution and one of the few magazines that I actually read on a regular basis. He also appears on Have I Got News For You, the BBC’s long running satirical news show, often confronting those guilty of any sort of indiscretion with his cheeky smile (which I imagine is incredibly irksome for anyone who has it directed at them). Private Eye (once owned by Peter Cook) has been reviewing the press and politicians for decades now. In fact, the publication recently turned 50. If you’re a journalist and you find yourself in the Street of Shame pages, it means that your rank hypocrisy or shoddy research has been exposed. If you’re a politician or a business-person and you appear anywhere else in its pages, it means you’re probably cooking the books, fiddling the numbers or doing something rather naughty that you shouldn’t be doing. It’s vital that people continue to read the Eye because it provides a humorous expose of the evils that those with power are doing. And it has never been afraid to say what others won’t. Hislop is the most sued man in Britain and the quote that features on this tee almost cost £600,000 when he made the remark after the wife of the Yorkshire Ripper sued the Eye for damages in 1989 after claims that she had done a deal with newspapers to sell her story (the figure was reduced on appeal). On this occasion, the Eye was wrong, but Hislop says what a lot of people think, and has never been scared to do so, despite knowing the court-time it will probably involve and the money he will probably lose (having won just two of his dozens of court cases). He fights like a cheeky schoolboy, against monsters of politics, journalism and business, and the best bit is that they’re all scared of him.

And you can get this t-shirt from where it’ll cost you between £9.99 and £17.99, depending on the style. Lots of colours and lots of sizes to choose from. And I’ll leave you with another quote from Hislop that sums up exactly what he does best: “the best comedy is where you attack the strong, not the weak”.



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