Take The Pith T-Shirt – Orange you glad I found this one.

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Have a zest for life? Need a gift for a new squeeze?

I’ve admired this tee for a long time now, and for some reason, I never put it onto this blog. Now’s the time to set that straight. here, for your pleasure, is the Take The Pith T-Shirt. Enjoy.

Now, I could just take this opportunity to come up with a vast array of fruit-based puns and, in part, I shall. However, I shall also wax lyrical about the excellent design qualities of this tee. Add a cute illustration to a clever pun and stick it onto a t-shirt, I’m going to enjoy it, and this is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s brought to you by Sparrow Legs, a student (although the bio was created some time ago so let’s hope they got a job) who appears to have only designed a single tee. Well, if you’re going to do one, make it a good one, though with talent like this we must hope for more of these designs in the future. Now, back to the punning. Though one could talk at length about what’s so a-peeling about this shirt, the idea is pipped to the post by the idea of some ripe punning. Citric to making good puns… actually, that’ll do. I’m starting to give myself a headache. Kumquat may, this is a good t-shirt, and… *dies of over-punning*

So, get this Orange T-shirt (which technically isn’t an orange t-shirt – it’s green, but then you do get green oranges…) by heading over to spunky.co.uk. It’s only available in sizes small and XL at the moment, but it’s reduced slightly to £22.49 at the time of writing, so grab it quick to save. I’m now off to have punning therapy. I obviously have a problem.



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