Strange T-Shirt – The rabbit is talking to me.

December 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

rabbit t-shirt


*This is John’s Doctor. He’s been working in isolation recently and the lack of human contact has made him slightly… strange. Before being coaxed down from the ceiling and being put under heavy sedation, he made me promise to upload the following post and the above picture of a Strange T-Shirt. He should be back to normal soon.*

Did you see the monkey? Did he tell you to come here? Did he give you the magic potion? It doesn’t matter. You’re here now and that’s what matters. It matters that you’re here. DON’T TOUCH THAT! It’s ok. You weren’t to know. And if you did know, then a) that’s naughty, and b) I paid far too much for this tin-foil helmet. Everyone thinks they’re a joke, but I know they’re not. They’re essential. Like oranges and books about cats. …did you hear that? No, neither did I. I have a tiny bottle of the antidote for you but it’s probably where you are or will be a little while ago. Something like that. Anyway. I have a t-shirt. If you stare at it, he talks to you. No-one else is talking to me. Well, if you don’t count the wind or Sebastian Le Cabbage, but I haven’t seen him since this morning when he stole my tea. It’s a Rabbit T-Shirt. Did you know the CIA trained rabbits to steal your teeth? They’ll say they didn’t, but I know a pair of slippers who have the inside scoop.

If you channel your thoughts to, you can find this t-shirt. It comes in many colours, but not transparent. Sizes range from the t-shirts that would fit the little gnomes that keep stealing my cigarette butts, to something that would be snug on the elephant who’s always behind me. It costs £18.40, but that could just be code. I’ll leave it with you. You’ll know what to do. Especially if you lick the screen that you just read this post on. It’s like you’re licking me…



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