Moon Patrol T-Shirt – I have no idea what’s going on.

December 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Moon Patrol T-Shirt

Are the deer tiny, or is the guy massive?

What makes a t-shirt cool? It’s sometimes hard to define. It can be the colours, the pattern, the graphics, or a combination of all of those. And then, every now and again, you just get something so weird, it has to be cool. Like this Moon Patrol T-Shirt. It makes no sense!

Now, I wouldn’t mind visiting the moon one day. It’d be pretty cool to bounce around and look out at the stars and back at the Earth. Maybe one day we’ll get that hotel they were promising us back in the 60s. Intrepid adventurer that I am, it sounds pretty neat. However, as open-minded as I might be, the idea of hunting tiny red deer and zapping them with some sort of laser vision does not appeal. Are these the vermin of the lunar landscape? Are they a pest to rovers and landers alike? Perhaps they chew through important wires. Surely though, in this day and age, we can manufacture some sort of humane tiny moon deer trap? Then go and releasse them on Mars and let the tiny purple bears on that planet deal with them. On the other hand, a trip to the moon may require some gigantification of the self in order to hunt normal sized red moon deer (normal in relation to Earth deer). I could get used to the laser vision, but I’d prefer to use it on the tiny yellow horses of Neptune. And, to sum up, if I can write that sort of strange and bewildering blog post about a t-shirt, that makes it cool. Fact.

So where to you find this Moon T-Shirt? Well, it’s available at where it costs €39.90 (about $43 in the US). It comes in black and is only available in medium or large. It’s brought to you by the uber-talented Ames Bros and I urge you to check out there complete range. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to keep my eyes open for tiny mauve ocelots. Pesky little critters…



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