Robots T-Shirt – Where’s my Automaton?

December 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Robots T-Shirt

The fact that I don’t have a robot does not compute.

We were all promised so much, so long ago. And yet we never got half of what we were supposed to have by now. And the greatest thing missing from my life (apart from love, companionship and a true sense of purpose) is a robot. This Robots T-Shirt highlights my pain well.

I’m not asking for much. It doesn’t need the realistic look of Mr Data, the unparalleled intelligence of Project 2501, the humour of Bender, or the killing power of Mechagodzilla. It just needs to be a robot. A cool robot. I want my damn robot! Years (decades!) ago, we were promised hotels on the moon, flying cars and eternal life. Granted, some of these promises were made by the writers of sci-fi books and films, but still! All science-fiction has some grounding in science-fact, and the fact of the matter is that I’m still missing a robot over here. As things stand, Asimo is the closest thing we’ve got but there’s only one of him and he costs too much. Also, he’s not exactly a great conversationalist, even if he’s impressive in other areas. A robot has always been top of my list (along with a working lighsaber and a Firefly class transport ship), but I guess I shall just have to keep waiting. But, while I wait for my robot, I shall console myself with this splendid I Robots T-Shirt, designed by the very talented Hannah Baber. Each little robot that makes up the bigger robot is very cool and very cute – kind of like if Devastator from the Transformers was assembled in a toy store… although thinking about it, that probably happens quite a bit.

Anyway, this splendid, original and delightful t-shirt was found on Hannah designs for Mild West Heroes who stock this for £19.00. It comes in grey, with sizes ranging from small to XL. And as I can’t have my robot yet, I shall make a point of enjoying the robots on this excellent t-shirt.




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