Earthworm Jim T-Shirt – We think he’s mighty fine.

December 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Earthworm Jim T-Shirt

Such a groovy guy.

This post is a bittersweet one. On the one hand, I get to think back to my youth with the help of one of the greatest computer game/cartoon characters ever, but on the other hand, I’m saying goodbye to my boss. Regardless of all that, the Earthworm Jim T-Shirt is an excellent garment.

Back in the days when having 16-bits in your console was the height of technology, we were spoiled for choice when it came to original video games. Developers could be a lot more daring in those days, and, in all honesty, the results were mixed. But one game that captured the imagination and delivered brilliant gameplay, was Earthworm Jim. What’s not to love about a worm running around in a robotic suit shooting things? I still own my Sega Megadrive but it rarely gets a look in these days. Maybe though, over Christmas, I might make Jim run one more time. However, another Jim is already running. My colleague (and boss) Jim is heading to pastures new leaving me with my training incomplete. Ok, so it’s not like I’m going to head of to Cloud City to take on Vader and get my arm cut off, but it’s still sad. I’ve been working with Jim for a year or so now, learning a lot about the stuff we do. Also, he’s one of the very few men in the office so I’m going to end up being suffocated by oestrogen and cupcakes (and not in a good way). He also curates a very cool graffiti website which I think you should all check out.

Back to the tee, and you can find this for yourself at where it costs just $19.99. It’s only available in 2XL Black at the time of writing this, so I hope you like ’em baggy. So goodbye Jim – it’s been a pleasure. Good luck!




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