You’re Not Dead Yet T-Shirt – Keep going.

December 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

You're Not Dead Yet T-Shirt

“Die, v.: To stop sinning suddenly” – Elbert Hubbard

I remember the phrase well from my rugby-playing days. This You’re Not Dead Yet T-Shirt is very good of reminding one that as comforting as the sentiment is, it can also be a bit of a let down.

I didn’t want to write another post about how we’re all not dead because the Mayan apocalypse that they (didn’t) predict didn’t happen, and although this looks like it could go that way, it’s not intended to. I was sent a link to a t-shirt site by my friend Cora. I saw this t-shirt and instantly was transported back to being 16 years old, running around a muddy field on a day like this, covered in mud and having people try and attack me. When I was at school, you either enjoyed Rugby, or you were wrong. It was what my school was good at and we won more than our fair share of championships. I played loosehead prop and that meant being right in the middle of the scrum and being one of the biggest guys on the pitch. And when you’re that big, all the shorter guys tend to aim for you. Like they’re proving a point. I could withstand a lot of punishment, but on one occasion, the scrum collapsed and someone’s elbow came down on my wrist. For a few seconds, the weight of 16 fat teenagers was grinding down on my arm, and though it didn’t break, I went through one of the most painful of experiences of my life. I blacked out briefly. At the hospital later, it was decided that I had considerable nerve damage and for the next two years, I had diminished sensation in my right arm. It still goes a little weird even today – 12 years later. But as I came round and tried to get up, panicking and in pretty considerable pain, my coach said “You’re not dead yet.” I think it was supposed to be comforting in a manly sort-of-way, but at the time, death would have been sweet release. See. Double-edged.

This t-shirt that has taken me back to those days comes from where it costs $24.00. Sizes go from XS to XL and it comes in grey. And I hope you never suffer the pain of your nerves being ground against your bones. It’s not nice.




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