Cookie Monster T-Shirt – Cookies!

January 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sesame Street T-Shirt

More blue than ever before.

The Cookie Monster, though one of my favourite members of the Sesame Street gang, this big, blue fuzzball ended my childhood. So this Cookie Monster T-Shirt provokes mixed emotions with me. Sit down and I shall tell you a tale…

I don’t remember how old I was exactly, or where I was, but I remember the feeling. The world, like so many crumbs and chocolate chips, crumbled around me. I was watching Sesame Street – never a favourite but entertaining enough. Cookie Monster was the best as he was that predictable sort of clown who, regardless of the fact that you know what’s going to happen, always made you laugh. The gag was always that he’d scoff loads of cookies. Simple jokes are always the most effective. But on that day, I remember watching him and it stopped being funny. His paws/hands gathered in the cookies and he opened his cavernous mouth wide and began to chomp and chomp and chomp.  Then I noticed it. He wasn’t swallowing. A cascade of devastated biscuit fountained from his fast-moving maw, but none of it went down his throat. Because there was no throat. THERE WAS NO THROAT!! If he couldn’t really eat, why the hell would he want cookies all the time!? It made no sense, and, in that moment, I grew up. There probably wasn’t a real Castle Grayskull, Matt Tracker wasn’t flying around in a car wearing a mask, and I doubted Jace had ever battled the Monster Mind. At that moment, I was no longer a child and could not see with the eyes of a child any longer. All because this guy couldn’t eat a damn cookie. After that, I have no problem with the idea of Cookie Monster hanging around seedy bars and groping dancers. Not that he could do anything. Well, if he hasn’t got a throat, I doubt he’s got a… never mind.

This Sesame Street T-Shirt is brought to you by and was designed by Chunk. It comes in this Maroon/Purple colour and sizes range from XS to XXL (though at the time of writing, Small was out of stock). It’ll cost you £27.99. What did Cookie Monster cost me? My childhood. Thank God he didn’t turn me off cookies.



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