Comic Book T-Shirt – Make some noises!

January 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Comic Book Noises T-Shirt


Comic books have always had a problem with conveying sound other than speech. Or they would have done if not for the boundless imagination of their writers. This Comic Book T-Shirt celebrates the wealth of noises that have been written in these pages. Whap!

Remember when Batman was fun? I do. It wasn’t all about darkness and speaking in a ridiculous gravelly voice. Nothing had to make sense. There was a guy, dressed like a bat (sort of), with a cool car, beating people up and saving precious emeralds and the like. In recent times, we’ve lost that, both on page and screen, but if you had the opportunity to enjoy ‘classic’ Batman, you enjoyed a real treat. Especially the TV show. Adam West and Burt Ward, running around in tights, acting really poorly (but in a very good way) and really over-camping the whole thing. Less Dark Knight, more Guy Who Likes To Wear Purple. In the shows, after they’d driven around for a bit and spoken to Commissioner Gordon a couple of times, they’d find Julie Newmar or Caesar Romero in a warehouse somewhere, typically with some “goons”, and then the real fun would start. With every punch or kick came a “Zork!” or a “Blam!”. Every now and again, you’d get a “Craaaack!”. It was really exciting. And fun! In the comic books too, even today, these wonderful invented sounds appear across many titles. And they all make sense. I know exactly what “Thwok!” sounds like. So I’m thrilled that someone has put this tee together – I think it looks awesome.

Suit up with your own Comic Book Noises T-Shirt by checking out It comes in loads of colours, costs €27.90 and sizes range from Small to 3XL. Failing that, go put on tights, hang around warehouses and get into fights. I’ve heard it’s fun.



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