Reading T-Shirt – Damn sexy.

January 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Reading Is Sexy T-Shirt

So, read any good books lately? *winks*

Reading is sexy. Once you get past the age of finding haircuts and trainers sexy, reading is the next step up. So I found a very apt, Reading T-Shirt. But I do have a problem, and the problem is Reading. The town, not the activity.

So, there is a town in the UK called Reading (but pronounced ‘Redding’) and it’s pretty awful. How do I know? I used to live there. Thankfully it was only a brief stay, but it really is a wretched, horrible place. Sorry, if you’re from that neck of Berkshire, but it’s true. There are maybe two good shops, three good pubs and then the rest of it is a cross between a dump, the zombie apocalypse, a dystopian future and a small turd. Not a nice place by any stretch of the imagination. Which is a shame, because reading, the activity, is one of my most favourite things ever. I get lost in books and I actually feel comforted when they surround me. I can almost hear the words on the pages yearning to be read by me, and that makes me feel very special. In contrast, being surrounded by Reading makes me feel nauseated and threatened. Why must they be spelled the same? It’s not fair. It’s like if the word ‘Beautiful’ meant ‘beautiful’, but also meant ‘diseased sexual predator’ (and there’s more than a few of those in Reading too). It’s not fair. Not fair at all. Anyway, enjoy reading, because it is sexy and any woman who reads often, regularly and studies a variety of texts immediately is lifted in my estimations.

This Reading Is Sexy T-Shirt is £16.85 and comes from It comes in loads of colours, sizes range from small to XXL and it’s a great design. And it’s true. Unless you’re talking about the town. Uuurrrggghhh…



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