Potato T-Shirt – The jacket’s off and the chips are down.

January 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Potato T-Shirt

Potato wedgie! Get it?

Ah, the humble potato. Long have I been an ardent fan of this marvellous vegetable. So I have been searching the internet for this Potato T-Shirt – a fair monument to the saviour of mankind’s meal times that is the simple spud.

I had a jacket potato for lunch today. That made me think about just how much we owe to this type of veg. It’s not a looker, is it? Never could this lumpy, brown little mud-dweller compete withe the majesty of an artichoke or an aubergine, but its wonder lies in its versatility and flavour. Some people say that potatoes are flavourless, but to those of us with a more delicate palate, its subtle taste is heaven. And that versatility! Chips, crisps, fries, roasties, new, baby new, jackets, mash, dauphinoise, sauté… the list goes on. I’ve even sampled a potato-based pizza! The wonders never cease. We can therefore forgive its homely looks, and instead praise it for what’s on the inside, and what it has the ability to become. If only people would do the same with me, I’d be the happiest man on the planet. Then, just when you don’t think the potato could possibly get any better, the chimps at  2smartmonkeys.com add a pun to the mix. Well that’s just glorious. A potato wedgie. That’s the sort of cleverness that civilisations are built on.

So, head over to 2smartmonkeys.com and grab your own. It will cost you £17.00, comes in black and two shades of grey, and it comes in the standard array of sizes. Give praise to the potato – if any food stuff has earned your admiration, surely it must be the spud.




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