Cup Of Tea T-Shirt – Lent has arrived.

February 13, 2013 § Leave a comment


Give me tea or give me death! Or coffee. Maybe juice.

Lent has arrived. After a night of stuffing myself with pancakes, I now feel the need to sacrifice something. So, like a fool – a crazy, sexy fool – I’m giving up tea AND biscuits. Am I mad? Probably. So, to celebrate/commiserate, here is a Tea T-shirt.

As a British person, tea is, quite rightly, a big part of my life. From high tea in bone china to a bag in a mug, I drink rather a lot of the stuff. It is often accompanied by biscuits in some form or another. From bourbon creams to garibaldis, from chocolate digestives to vanilla wafers, I’ll munch them all. And it is because they are common factors in my daily existence that I am giving them up for a few weeks. There’s no point in giving up something alien. That’s not a challenge. I could easily give up taunting armadillos, or teaching economics to daffodils, but I’ll gain nothing from it. Those activities combined take up no more than 20 minutes of my week. Tea and biscuits take up much more. Also, what with this technically being a religious thing, and me being raised C of E, tea and biscuits came naturally to mind. To make up for these things being missing in my diet, I shall be drinking more coffee than is medically safe. Hopefully I’ll drink enough that I’ll be able to see through time and, more miraculously, develop a metabolism. That’d be nice. Anyway, wish me luck, and keep the pot warm for my return at Easter.

You can get this Tea-Shirt (see what I did there?) for yourself at where it will cost you £20.80. It comes in a multitude of colours, styles and sizes so you’ll find the fit for you. So sit back and enjoy a cuppa, dunk a rich tea biscuit, and think of me hopped up on coffee.



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