Sweet T-Shirt – Let’s not be sour about this.

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Cupcake T-Shirt

“Change in all things is sweet” – Aristotle

Ok, so that last post was a bit bitter. It was a full on “I hate everything” moment. I still hold much of it to be true, but there is some sweetness in the world. Not in my world, but the world in general. So here’s a very Sweet T-Shirt to make you go “Awww…” instead of “Aarrgghh!!!”.

This delightful looking cupcake-themed tee is very lovely. It’s as cute as a button (not that I spend much time noticing the cuteness of buttons – stupid turn of phrase) and just darling. It’s so sweet that I can only taste sugar, and have now developed diabetes! It’s so sweet… Nope. Can’t do it. It is very sweet but I’m not the sort of person who does sweet really. Apart from occasional videos featuring kittens and a penchant for the romantic (not that I ever get a chance to show that off), I’m not really about sweetness. I’m cynical, distrustful and dismissive of anything that appears to be too ‘nice’ or ‘lovely’. Yes, it’s part of the problem. I know that. Anyway, I really like the design of this tee. It is cute, but it also has an edge to it. There are skulls, bad grammar, evidence of physical harm, fangs and anthropomorphising food is an indication of cannibal tendencies. Ok, so I made that last one up, but I could believe it. I think this is a very cool shirt, and am only sad that I could only find a girl’s version.

This Cupcake T-Shirt is available from Attitudeclothing.co.uk where it costs £21.99. In women’s fit, it comes in grey, and sizes range from small to XL. I’m off to neck a bottle of honey and rub a kilo of granulated into my skin. Try and make myself sweeter. Yeah.



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