Urban Monkey T-Shirt – Monkey!

February 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Angry Monkey T-Shirt

King of the urban swingers. Wait. That sounds wrong…

It’s been a while. Too long perhaps. Every now and again, I need to look at monkeys. Ergo, I have found this Urban Monkey T-Shirt which not only satisfies my want to look at primates, but is also a rather dashing tee. Ook.

The idea of an urban monkey intrigues me. Sure, there are cities around the globe that have monkeys, but the one that I currently live in, has no primates at all. What if the great apes could be seen swinging along the embankment, or macaques chasing the nightingales in Barkley Square? How much better would that be. Note the lack of question mark. It was rhetorical. The only answer is that it would be amazingly awesome on so many levels. Sure there would be problems at first. We’d have to work out how to keep the howler monkeys away from the British Library (shhh…!) and the orang-utans would probably try to dismantle all the tourists’ cameras (very delicately of course), but we could get around these things. I know I’d feel safer with a silverback gorilla dominating Royal Festival Hall. Wouldn’t you? Well, enough of my fevered ramblings on monkeys living in London. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t see it happening. Alas…

So, I shall have to be content with this charming Angry Monkey T-Shirt. I found it at Tshirt-Factory.com where it costs just $10. It’s actually a template for printing your own tee, so you might need access to some printing gear, but if you have it, you should totally make this. While you do, I shall be dreaming of feeding the rhesus monkeys in Trafalgar Square. Why not?



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