Hello Kitty T-Shirt – Goodbye Nicola!

February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello Kitty T-Shirt

ハローキティ – That’s Hello Kitty in Japanese (apparently)

So, my friend and colleague Nicola is heading off to pastures new, and she couldn’t be going any further away. She’s going to Japan. This is her last week of work and in a month, she’ll be off to the land of the rising sun. As she’s a massive fan, here’s a Hello Kitty T-Shirt that I think she’d like.

Long ago, I was going to head off to Japan to teach English but everything fell through and I ended up in a comfortable job in London. Which was fine, but I do regret not following up with it some times. Well, Nicola, who has been a friend and workmate for a couple of years or more now, is heading off to a land where they make houses out of paper, pizza delivery prices are extortionate and Godzillas roam freely across the landscape. She’s done her homework and learned japanese (well, she can count to 10), and she’s the sort of person who suits the craziness that happens in Japan. Often she’ll be the first person to find the cool, new stuff in London. She’ll tell us about pubs where everything is made of cheese, or pop-up bars that you can only find if you can decode a message in latin or morse code. We’ll miss that and will have to get round to our own exploring. And, she loves Hello Kitty. She’s moderately obsessed with it really, and that’s why this is a fitting t-shirt for her. Perhaps, as she sits on the costa del Tokyo, sipping warm saki from a dirty glass, watching the Mothras mate in the fading evening light, she’ll remember her friends back in London, toiling away and eating sub-par sushi.

If you also happen to be a big fan of Hello Kitty, you can get this tee at Welovefine.com where it costs $25. It comes in blue or white, and sizes range from small to XXL. And it’s guaranteed to repel 99% of Godzilla attacks (not really).




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