Bananaman T-Shirt – Have a banana.

April 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bananaman T-Shirt

I’m going bananas.

I was in the pub not long ago, and some child (they were about 24 – I feel old) didn’t know who Bananaman was. I felt shocked, saddened, slightly disturbed and a little tipsy (well, I was in the pub). So, to educate the youngsters, here’s a Bananaman T-Shirt.

Now, I should point out that I’m talking about the TV series. Bananaman first appeared in Nutty (and the then the Beano and Dandy) as a comic strip, but that was before my time (sort of – not really). Back then, the main character was called Eric Wimp. In the TV show, voiced almost entirely by The Goodies, Bananaman’s alter ego was Eric Twinge. And he was awesome. Like a cross between Popeye, Superman and a person who really like Bananas. Eric lived at 29 Acacia Road and whenever he ate a banana, he became the eponymous hero. His ‘Olive Oil/Lois Lane/Girl who also really likes bananas’ was Fiona, a newsreader who often covered his adventures. He battled the Masterminds of Evil like Appleman, General Blight and Dr Gloom, and the terrifying Heavy Mob. And he always won because he’s a superhero and that’s what superheroes do. Laced with more British comedy than a bun fight in an East London pub full of Benny Hill and Carry On cast-members, it was a terrific show and one that still stands up to being entertaining, even when you’re an adult like what I am now. And the theme song was great too. Basically, if you grew up without Bananaman in your life, you had a bad childhood. Sorry, but you did.

This great-looking t-shirt is brought to you by where alas, it only comes in small (what about us huskier Bananaman fans!?). It’s got a red base and costs just £16.00, and I think it looks great. So eat a banana – you never know what will happen…




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