Together Is Better T-Shirt – For charity.

May 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Together Is Better T-Shirt

‘The long-lasting love of a family is more healing than a band-aid could ever be.’ – Unknown

I don’t do nearly enough good deeds. Sure, I rescue kittens from burning buildings on regular occasions, but it’s less charitable when you start the fires yourself. So, to make up for all of that, here’s a Together Is Better T-Shirt – the proceeds of which go to charity.

What’s better than treating yourself to a new t-shirt? How about treating yourself to a new t-shirt which then helps make life better for families facing really tough times. This shirt comes to you from the Ronald MacDonald Housing Charities who do amazing work to ensure that, when children get sick, and have to spend some time in the hospital, their parents or guardians have somewhere to live close by. Ideally next door. By doing this, children and parents get to spend more time together, and they get to experience something as close to a normal life as possible. And yes, it is that Ronald MacDonald. I may hate his burgers, but consarnit, I think he does good charity work. And the kids think he’s pretty fun too. If you want to raise some money for them or donate to their cause, you can find their main site right here. It’ll help you get to heaven, wipe your conscience clean, and you get to help some sick children and their parents too. Do it! Do it now!

This Charity T-Shirt sports the Together = Better logo, and is available from It comes in grey, sizes range from Small to 2XL and it’l cost you just £8.00. That’s a great price, and all of that dosh goes straight into the charity’s coffers so they can build new houses and make people’s lives a bit better. Nice.



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