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Someone asked me about the name; Big Scary Tees and where it came from. I’m afraid the story behind it isn’t that interesting but I might as well tell you anyway…

When I was a young teenager, I learnt the power of t-shirts. I was maybe 13 and I was in a supermarket, picking up some lunch. I was wearing my favourite t-shirt at the time, an Iron Maiden Reaper Eddie t-shirt (this was the image on the front but I can’t find the actual tee). There was a little old lady in front of me – one of the classic, archetypal old women you get in England – blue rinse hair-do, a cake on the head and an overcoat that looked like it was made out of carpet. She turned around, took one look at me in my t-shirt, made a startled remark along the lines of “Oh dear!” and moved to another queue.

I’m not the smallest of guys, and at the time I was moderately insulted that this old woman had seen my hulking frame and found me to be so scary, but when I realised it was probably mainly the t-shirt, I understood how powerful t-shirts could be.

That gave t-shirts a certain “bigness” for me. That and the fact that every t-shirt I bought was an extra large – like I said, I’m not a small fellow. And despite the fact that I’m actually very nice, I do look kind of scary (maybe not that scary). And so I chose Big Scary Tees. It’s as simple as that really.


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