Biohazard T-Shirt – Getting reborn

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reborn in defiance t-shirt

‘My sun sets to rise again’ – Robert Browning

The man who once told you about t-shirts is dead. I am the new version. 2.0. Except I’ve done this so many times it’s more like version 11.3, but that’s not the point. This Biohazard T-Shirt, created for a very a band that I used to like a lot, is a good metaphor. Here’s what’s happening.

You know what I had for lunch today? Fruit, yoghurt and low fat cheese. Know what I’m about to do in a moment? Go for a run. And then I’m going to lift weights. Yeah. Why this intense activity and apparently healthier living? Well, it’s the only way I’m going to change the body-of-a-God-shame-it’s-Buddha that I’ve got. And that joke has always annoyed me because Siddhartha Gautama was not a God, but an enlightened human and there is no evidence that he was in any way chunky. Anyway, I need to make changes. Drastic, immediate and tough changes that will turn me back into the muscle-bound hulk that I was a few years back. And I’m determined to do it this time round. Even though these actions could be biologically hazardous (hence the relevance of the symbol), I’m willing to take that risk to reconstruct the truly God-like frame that I once had. Bring it on. I’m going to get healthy (and still smoke and have the occasional drink) or die trying. This tee is also apt because it has ‘Reborn in defiance’ written on it, due to the fact that it celebrates an album of that name by the hardcore band Biohazard. I’m going to need some of their aggression and power as I start running again. I am defying my natural state of fat and lazy, and replacing it with healthy and proactive. My goal? To go from XL to L t-shirts before the summer. And to look a bit like a superhero too. Bring it on.

This Reborn In Defiance T-Shirt comes to you from the good folks at where it will cost you just £13.99. It comes in orange and is currently only available in small. Which is a bit of a shame as I doubt I’ll ever fit into a small, but it’s a great looking shirt nevertheless. Onwards, to glory.



The very first Threadless Three!

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new threadless tees

Clockwise from top left: Foxy, Them Birds, Communist Party I’ve avoided talking about it until now because it deserves a little bit of time spent on it and I haven’t been able to do that of late. But now I can. Nowhere else in the world (or on the web) is there such a large collection of awesome tees and designers.

If you’re not familiar with the site, here’s how it rolls: So you have an idea for a new t-shirt. You design it how you want using the tools that you can download from Threadless and then you submit it to their community. Talented and original designers will take a look at your design and tell you what they think – with all honesty and no bitching or bullsh*t. And if they all vote it in, not only will it appear on, it’ll also earn you $2000, $500 worth of tees for yourself, and you’ll become a member of their alumni. And far from being just a site of anonymous posters, they encourage meeting-up with each other, discussing ideas, and they even run some programs to help you develop as a designer.

Because of the way this works, it means that there are a lot of new Threadless t-shirts going up every week. And they always rock because they’re selected by them that know the trade. So how does a t-shirt reviewer, or more specifically this t-shirt reviewer deal with the pure volume of tees that appear on this site?

Welcome to this week’s (and the very first!) Threadless Three! Yep, here are my Three Favourite t-shirts of the week. I’m going to be doing this every week for the foreseeable future so enjoy!

The three brilliant t-shirt designs I’ve selected for this week are (going clockwise from top left):

Foxy designed by Lixin Wang – a beautiful and clever design that’s very simple but so striking.

Them Birds designed by Dan Elijah Fajardo and Peter Kramer – Perfect for Hitchcock fans with a sense of humour.

The Communist Party designed by Tom Burns – Hilarious and great concept – I wanna party with Marx!

All available in the colours shown, in various sizes (both men’s sizes and women’s sizes are available) and each one is $20. I’ll put three more up in next week’s Threadless Three!

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